See it, Believe it, Achieve it – Lesson From El Salvador

El Salvador is an abbreviation of the word "El Salvador del mundo" which means "Savior of the world". My Salvadoran host, Adan, a man who drove me around the city for hours, explaining every nook and corner, explained this to me. Adan has a small family and a thriving hotel business. Our discussion centered around the fact that he became successful because he was able to see. He had the opportunity to travel outside of El Salvador when he was younger. This allowed him to see things that were different from what he saw growing up in his country. From that experience, his expectations of what he could achieve started rising. He started believing that he could do more with his life - and he did. He beat all childhood [...]

Connection and Settlement

Located just outside a home I spent 8 years growing up in Lagos, Nigeria were thriving shops that sold parts for cars. The culture integral to the success of these shops was: "connection and settlement." Let me explain. An entrepreneur, sensing a need to open up a new shop, since he has outgrown his old shop, would travel to the rural cities and hire someone. This new hire (protege) would live with the entrepreneur, learn the ropes of the trade and serve faithfully. When the new hire becomes competent at the trade, the entrepreneur would then open up a new shop for him (new hire) to manage. After about 5 years of successfully running a shop and repatriating the profits back to the entrepreneur, the new hire will then get [...]

You would be insuperable if you were inseparable – Lesson From Rwanda

While reading through the exhibits at the Genocide museum in Kigali, Rwanda recently, I came across the word Hamitic. I'm not fully sure why this word stuck out like a sore thumb, but I decided to look more into it - Hamitic simply means being a descendant of Ham. Ham was one of the 3 sons of Noah. A false theory developed overtime, amongst many, that those of Ham's lineage were different and perhaps inferior. Which fascinates me because I noticed that some of God's biggest generals have names that end in Ham; Abraham, Graham, Branham etc). Being of Ham or of Shem is a divider negating the fact that all are of Adam. The Belgians used this Hamitic notion to colonize the Rwandans, they used the old political playbook termed: [...]

Here is Why You Are Mocked

As a track athlete at the University of Indianapolis, many years ago, I would do the practices with the team, get ready, even hop on the bus and travel to the track meet. However, when it was time to suit up and get on the track, I would develop cold feet and offer up an excuse why I couldn't run. I was afraid of the crowds. What if I came last? A boy named Bryce seized on this and laughed me to scorn, saying he could put me several feet ahead and still beat me in any race. Some others joined him in laughing, I was terrified. But there was yet another boy whom I would call Sage, who encouraged me. Sage said: "Uche, you can beat Bryce and any [...]

What is God Doing Now? Part 7

Three young men, at their prime, who of no fault of theirs, were pulled to slavery in a foreign land. They did not complain, but sought instead to be the best that they could be and make the most of the undesirable situation they found themselves in. In spite of these odds, they excelled academically and professionally. Their visibility rose within the Kingdom as a result. The King noticed and promoted them to serve him directly. In your own life, you've already experienced that with promotion comes jealousy right?. Some people plotted to take the boys down. Not surprising! Fairly typical! They noticed that the boys only worshiped their God. They would serve the King during the day and then spend their evenings worshiping God. Their devotion to God was so [...]

God is Involved in Leadership Big Time

The recently concluded US elections is first and foremost on people’s minds today. So let’s address it briefly. Some are fearful, worried about the future of their children. Worried if America does have a place for them. Others are jubilant, excited that their voices are finally heard. That the slide towards liberalism will be curbed and America will be restored to greatness. Whichever side of the fence you sit on; please realize that it will be OK in the long run. No leader can lead without permission from God. He puts leaders up and brings them down. Please don't forget this Our responsibility as Christians is to pray for our leaders. To pray for our Countries. Not just for the president, but for Senators, Governors and Mayors. And while political leaders [...]

Ignore Not The Unlikeliest of Places

While I was mowing the lawn of the Onyx House (Ministry Center), an elderly man (pictured) whom I had met a few years ago saw me, parked his car next to me and we started conversing. He asked me to pray for him, that his heart no longer wander from the Lord. He then asked what I was doing these days. I told him I was getting ready to travel on an evangelistic trip abroad. I told him of the journey so far and how people were responding to provide buses that will bring people to the crusade ground. With tears in his eyes, he reached to his pocket and brought everything that was in it. A total of $42.00 and placed it in my hands, he said use this [...]

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