This was our first time in the great State of Haryana, India and we fully didn’t know what to expect. But God came through, for His glory, bringing in droves, people hungry for His word. The gospel went out with clarity and power evident in that:

  • 3000+ people made first-time decisions for Jesus Christ.
  • 12000+ people were in attendance.
  • A deaf child could hear for the first time.
  • Ladies with severe body aches were instantly healed and felt no more pain.
  • Many people received deliverance from manifesting demons.
  • And many more miracles, innumerable to write about.

My wife joined me this time, and we are both rejoicing, returning with the precious fruit of ministry. Please join us in praising God for doing in Haryana, what only He can do. And we pray that every hamlet, tongue, tribe, and village will receive this precious gospel, that we have so freely, been given.

Thanks to Pastor Francis and Meenu Gill, Pastor Peter John, Pastor Jasveer Kamboj, the Bhawnigarh sisters team, Sister Romika Masih, the Haryana Pastors, and many others who prayed and gave for new souls to be added to the Kingdom. All glory be to our Lord and precious Savior, Jesus Christ. Below are some pictures: