To Know God is to do Exploits


Hi, I am Uche Unogu. Nice to meet you here. I co-founded Onyx Ministry in 2003 and this ministry has gone on to produce books, music and events that have touched hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. It has consumed most of my waking hours and is my life work.  As an American citizen with a global reach, I see it as my responsibility to shine God’s light to the darkest reaches of the world. I studied and graduated from the University of Indianapolis, but I won’t tell you I did that to get a good job, to have a better life or to make lots of money. Born and raised in Nigeria with relatively limited resources, I graduated just to tell you that if I can do it, you can too. And not just get degrees from institutions of higher learning but that you can also achieve that which you desire in life irrespective of your background or past.

I am an author and inspirational speaker. My latest book “31 days to an unstuck and inspired you” has reached over 10,000 people. I use inspiration to point people to Jesus Christ. I am a Christian (Who I am) and I am evangelist (What I do). I travel around the world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

While studying, I honed my Information Technology skills and learned how to effectively mine data, transforming it to information and insight. I learned first-hand that the true reason for education is service to mankind. And that the world has enough God given resources, we just have to build the systems to ensure the resources reach those that need it. While in school, I organized and spoke at several events that inspired students to excellence. This helped me receive a Community Service award from the University 3 years in a row.

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I wanna thank you so much for following me. I’m going thru tough times to where I was wanting to end my life. But then I saw your follow and I had to thank God.. Please keep me In your prayers. As I go thru a tough time with my family. It amazes me how much I go through and then see something so amazing follow me. This was the answer to my prayers and something to boost my Spirit
God is good, all the time. I’ve got new job and a Church here.I now stay in Bandung the citizen of west Java.
I never thought that way, thanks for opening my mind
This was right on time for me. I was feeling that way. Thanks for the encouragement
Roche Scott
Your messages are taking me to the next point in my faith.I thank you,may God bless u
Kudakwashe Chakanetsa

Baptism Uche1 Baptising in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ


Meeting with a Local Government Official during a Crusade in Punjab, India

Professional Life

Upon graduation, I received an offer to work at the IT department of Indiana University Health while continuing to host Christian events in Indianapolis. At IU Health, I started out doing data entry and then worked my way up to become a Systems Architect within a 6 year period. I held several positions at IU Health including: Business Analyst, Systems Engineer and VoIP Engineer. After IU Health, I decided to obey God’s unyielding call on his life and went into evangelistic ministry. I now travel to cities around the world preaching at large evangelistic crusades and Christian events while maintaining my Architecture practice.

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“I received your message in my mail. It was great. Thank you very much. Am grateful.””
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Thank you for your email and the gift which I will download once I get to a PC. Very excited to be in touch with you and your ministry.
Thank you so much for the gift, I feel blessed and wish you were in South Africa so that I meet you, I’m appreciative
Hello Pastor! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making up limited time to email me with this soul inspiring words. I’ve been blessed richly after reading each line carefully, now I understand it is God’s will that we live a peaceful life under his Good Pleasure.
@ucheunogu, Thanks for imparting in my spiritual journey
Petro Adams, @petroadams

My Whearabouts

I currently hold a Master’s Degree in Health Informatics from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). I enjoy reading and playing competitive soccer on weekends when I am not traveling or working. You will most likely find me on the South side of Indianapolis where my ministry is based and where I reside with my beautiful wife Ella, 3 graceful daughters, and 1 energetic son. Thanks for reading About Evangelist Uche.

Christmas 2014

Again you have strengthen my faith even more by this article , am so blessed and by the same measure receive God‘s blessings.
Ismael Njarro
Bless you Uche, your words have come to me in an appropriate time, I feel very encouraged an blessed.
Aaron Arumugam
Good morning Evangelist Uche. I’m so grateful for the prayers. There has been peace in my home since you started praying. I thank God for answering my prayers through. I pray that his light will continually shine on you. Thank you so much..
Deloris Atanga