Thank you for your gift, which makes it possible for me to take the life changing message of Jesus Christ to the nations through live crusades, social media, music, videos, books and email broadcasts.

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Someone asked me how his mother could give to my ministry. I was awed at her heart. I told him that I had never taken an offering before in my life and frankly didn’t know how to do so. But I was touched by her gesture and went ahead to set up this page for his mother and for people like you who want to give in obedience to God’s call to further the gospel. I won’t stand in the way of your blessing.

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Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly *, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerfulgiver. – 2 Corinthains 9:7

My second testimony refers to the first gift I had an opportunity to send to you and I will forever be grateful for that opportunity. You will recall that you sent us communication about your trip to Kenya and gave us an opportunity to give and I could manage $8 only which I had earned online clicking ads and completing surveys and you wrote back to me blessing my seed stating that I will have a testimony soon and also sent out a communication titled ‘The Widow’s Mite’ which touched me greatly. I panicked and asked myself when the testimony would come but God Almighty moved mightily following that seed and below is the detailed testimony:

A week before your e-mail came to sow into your trip, I was well into my pregnancy and I had struggles with my manager who is extremely racist. She had called me into her office and attacked me because I didn’t associate with her apart from work related activities and I told her that I am there to do a job and she went on to exert her power any way and I ended up signing a written warning despite the fact he she mentioned how great my work is and found no fault with me. I was distressed by that but I prayed and asked God to intervene and that’s when your mail came in with the opportunity to sow and less than a week after sowing; that very manager called me into her office offering me a promotion from being an HR administrator to a recruitment administrator. All praise to God Almighty!!!!! All praise to our Lord Jesus!!!! Although she said I will only get an increase next year, I am already praising God for it! I thank the Lord for your ministry. I hope this will encourage you greatly and I pray that God Almighty keeps you and continues to use you greatly!

Hallelujah!!!!! Love Always

Matebalo Phoolo