Samson, a man of destiny, could not be stopped. It didn’t matter that you sent 10 enemies to him or 10,000 – he would defeat them all. His call was to bring salvation to Israel and he was well equipped for this. But for the lust of a young man, the trappings of beauty and the lure of temptation, Samson surrendered His God given purpose, on the alter of sexual pleasure. He sold his birthright for pottage. Sound familiar? As the Philistines celebrated their capture and defeat of Samson, he made a prayer to the Lord, to give him strength this last time. This prayer was granted, and Samson defeated more Philistines in death than he did in life. One more time.

Hustle and Upset

The professional fisherman, had toiled all night and caught nothing. Think of that. They were hard working and skilled folks. While others slept, they worked and yet came up empty. But in their defeat, they offered what they had left, their boat, to the Lord for use in ministry. After preaching, Jesus turned to them and told them in earnest: “Try One more time”. They could have argued how absurd it was that a carpenter by trade would tell professional fishermen to try again. But they obeyed and brought in a harvest of fish. One more time.

One More Time

Does it feel like you have blown it in 2018? Not that you didn’t try, or that you slept all year. Fact of the matter is that you did all you can do – and more. You gave it your all, but came up short, came up empty even. Your marriage ended in 2018, you were let go from a job, or the child you’ve long desired is still not yet comforted in your arms. You lost more money than you made this year, or a sickness set you back considerably. For 2019, the Lord is saying to you to try one more time. Try again and see that the battle is of the Lord, not of yourself. One more time.

And Simon answering said unto him, Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net – Luke 5:5