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  • I have got your email and it was awesome! What fantastic songs and books! May God bless you Sir! – Niyitegeka Bosco
  • Wow, I just got a free gift daily devotional from Evangelist @UcheUnogu. I encourage you all to at least get one for yourself. It’s so powerful – Noah R Mmolutsi
  • Thank you so much pastor, that book really read me and talked to me. Gave it to five of my friends. They all enjoyed it – Shiloh Yawray
  • Just downloaded @UcheUnogu’s free eBook. Already on page 18! I needed this –¬†@osnapsItsO
  • @UcheUnogu I’m blessed already as I started with the gift. Thanks a lot – Reagan Angel
  • Nice book, really enjoyed it. Will like more, God bless you – Richmond Jantuah
  • Oh my goodness. What a blessing!! I already had fallen in love with your inspirational tweets, and now this! God bless you – @befullofgrace
  • I have been¬†reading the book you sent all through the night and it was so inspiring I wouldn’t want to even sleep or stop -Kule Maina
  • The book is inspiring, and eye-opening. More grace and anointing sir – Tejumor @slimteejayjay
  • I read day one to my sister, who insisted I forward the book for her reading! – Leigh Patrice @iamleighpatrice
  • Thank you so much for allowing God to use you in my life in 2016. 31 Days has been and will always be a phenomenal book I have. The testimonies in the book actually are speaking to situations I am going through. Thank you Sir. I am so grateful. @DavidWamambo

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