Everyone in the room looked bored. The air conditioning worked at one end of the room, while the heater blasted hot air out the other end. Many in the class fought sleep incessantly. The lighting was minimal and that purposely done by an instructor projecting slides to the board.

The subject being taught was of a rather dull I.T concern that had to do with numbers and concepts. Realizing the declining energy of the class, the instructor decided to take a risk. He said, “When in doubt, look around”. The whole class erupted into spasms of laughter as it dawned on them that the instructor had just encouraged them to illegally look at their neighbors work, should they not understand the test questions. Of course, they understood it was a joke, but the manner in which the instructor said it, and the context to which it was referred, turned a boring class into a lively theater.

I tell this story here not just because it’s funny but also because I earlier, had received a message on twitter that said:

I struggle with doubt, especially when faced with challenges. My faith fails me when the going gets tough. – @DfTemba,

Advising @DfTemba, I have this to say:

In the day of prosperity be joyful, but in the day of adversity consider…- Ecclesiastes 7:14

As you already know, not everyday is rosy or easy. There are some really hard days when you even question your faith. When you doubt, when you are seemingly tempted beyond what you can bear. Days when you just can’t make ends meet. Through this fleeting waves of doubt, my advice would be that you look around. Look around you and see the blue skies, the FREE air you are breathing, the green grass growing without your permission. The lovely tress and the birds that grace them with their angelic voices. Look around you and recall what God has done to bring you to this point. Look around and trust that He is working on your behalf NOW even though you don’t seem to feel or see it. Look around and see that He has gone to prepare a place for you, that where He is, you will be also. Like the instructor aforementioned said: When in doubt, look around – and HOPE!