Moses had tried of his accord to do something about the plight of his fellow Egyptians. He failed miserably. He migrated to the wilderness indefinitely. There he met God in a burning bush, who sent Him back to Egypt to do the rescue he was called to do. Moses complained that nobody will listen to him. That they will think he hallucinated. To which God replies:

…What is that in thine hand? Exodus 4:2

A very simply but profound question that applies to us today. In life, we have many legitimate reasons why we can’t do what God has called us to do It is ahead of its time we say, there is no market for it yet, we are laden with debt, we don’t have the financing to make a difference, on and on and on. Yet, with all these excuses, God is simply asking you one question: “What is it in your hands?” Is it a capability to write novels, to sing songs, to volunteer at Church? Is it a capability to help, to lead, to be faithful? Surely, there is something you can do, there is something you have in your hands, and God wants to use that.

It may be just 2 talents you received from Him, but He wants you to be a good steward of those 2 talents and multiply them. You can make a difference, you can be all that God has called you to be. Many times, realizing this is as simple as answering the question God asks of us all: What is in your hands?