Being a Christian has its perks. One of which is that your every sin has been forgiven, gone, tossed into the sea of forgiveness. Even your future sin is vanquished as soon as you confess and repent.  This perk, in its greatness, also possess one of the greatest stumbling blocks for believers. Some Christians begin to think they can sin whenever they want, and get away with it. Allow me to set this straight.

When you begin to live as a Christian, you begin to operate on a different realm. You soar above the law realm and enter into the faith realm. Your justification, your righteousness comes from your faith in Jesus Christ. Hence there is no boasting that I have gone 12 days without sin. There is just thanks that I am covered with the righteousness of God today and everyday. The question, and subsequent answer then is:

Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid; yea, we establish the law. – Romans 3:31

Your faith in Jesus Christ produces fruit of a righteous life that is far above what the law requires or measures. When you are asked to go a mile by the law realm, you go two, propelled by the faith realm. When you are slapped on one cheek, the law realm permits you to retaliate, but the faith realm goes above that and compels you to turn the other cheek. When someone takes your shirt without due permission, the law realm allows you to recover that which was taken. But the grace realm compels you not to seek recompense but instead to give your pants as well. You are saved by grace, yes; you are above the law, yes. But don’t get it twisted, your being above the law does not mean you break the law, it means you establish the law, it means you enhance it, it means you take it to a “whole nuther level” You take it to the grace realm.