Tribulation: grievous trouble; severe trial or suffering.-

I do not like tribulation. In fact, I detest it, but God teaches that tribulation is a necessary ingredient of life to bring forth certain strengths, certain fruits in us, which make us ultimately better human beings and better Christians. In a previous post, I wrote on Growing in your infirmity. In it I explained how an infirmity could be the one thing that keeps you humble. I will like to expand on this briefly and write  on tribulation and how it ultimately works hope in you.

…but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience;  And patience, experience; and experience, hope:- Romans 5:3-4

We glory in tribulations because of its benefits. Tribulations brings about patience in us. Patience is not just waiting, it is an attitude, it is your attitude while waiting. Patience in turn works in us experience. Experience is: I’ve done this over and over before. I know what works and I know what does not work. I know the exact route to take in order to arrive at my destination quicker. Experience then builds in us hope. Hope is a desire and an expectation that tomorrow will be better than today. It is a belief that your best days are ahead. That greater things are yet to be done. The default position when faced with tribulation is to fight back. It is to introspect and believe that you may have done something wrong to warrant the tribulation. While there are elements of truth to this, the fact is tribulation precedes glory.

My advice to you then is to rejoice in tribulation.  There is no doubt that this too shall pass, that this tribulation will end. The question then is, what will you learn from it when its over? Will you learn patience, experience and hope as written in the Bible or will you glean despair, insecurity and bitterness? Do you want to come out of tribulation learning something new, gaining a deeper understanding of the scripture: “I will not leave not forsake you”, understanding to be of good cheer for “I have overcome the world”? Do you want to come out of it knowing once again, that you have proven Jesus Christ over and over again? Going through a season of tribulation means the times are a-changing for the better. Allow it then, give you the hope and the strengthened resolve that: God takes care of His own – He always does.