I recently had lunch with my best friend and former roommate. We had not seen each other for about two years, and so it was great to catch up. Chad’s wife was expecting a new baby, and he was now the youth pastor of his congregation. He told me he had been invited to a faith debate at the campus of Indiana University, Kokomo. I was very proud of him. My mind raced back to when we were bright eyed young adults praying to be used by God. Chad has always been into apologetics. He asked me for words of advice. I told him, “Chad, just be yourself. You are living your dream”.


Reality Check

Chad said that he closely followed the crusade in India last year. “Uche, this is what you’ve always wanted, You are living your dream” he said. It took a few days, but it finally dawned on me that Chad was right. I am living my dream. This is all I’ve ever dreamed about, influencing people all over the world for Jesus Christ. I thought about Joseph who saw his brothers come to Egypt to get food from him. He recalled the dream he had as a teenager, of his brothers bowing to him. Of his ascension to a place of prominence. It suddenly dawned on Joseph, he was living his dream.


Your Dream

Pause now and recall the dreams of your youth. Are you living it? If not yet, be patient and consider. Are you where you need to be at this season of life? Are you working from 9-5, building someone else’s bank account while belittling your God given dream? Are you wanting to open your own store but find yourself without any job or capital to start with? You are not alone. God is with you. Don’t lose sight of your dream. He put that dream in your heart for a reason and that dream will be relentless till it comes to fruition. It may take time, but you will live that dream. Dreams are achieved through surrendering to the divine. It’s more about surrendering to a pull than striving with a push to achieve. It’s when your childish heart-pull collides with a divinely created opportunity. Then all you need say is … Yes Lord.



Write down your dream, or better still draw a picture of it and put it in a place that you can see daily. See that picture for as long as it takes until you are living your dream. Don’t doubt.


And Joseph remembered the dreams which he dreamed of them, and said unto them … – Genesis 42:9

My friend Alwondaz Aloysius invited me last year to preach in Nigeria but I was unable to because my passport had unknowingly expired. I didn’t know he made music too. I was pleasantry surprised when he sent me his beautiful new song Ebube (Glory), sang in English & Igbo. If you like Deitrick Haddon, then you will love this one. If interested, you can get it here as a gift.