One of the best parts of my job is hearing testimonies. Just like the one you are about to read. I get these daily, but I don’t take them for granted. I lay down, close my eyes and all suddenly become well because I am reminded that God is alive, and moving. This is a high no feeling on earth can touch. If you’ve ever been called to ministry, I encourage you to take the plunge and obey. Next week, I will write about “Learning on the Job”, but for now, sit back and enjoy this beautiful testimony by Carolyn.

Close Call

April 22nd 2013, my husband and I had just come back from a cruise. We showered and laid down, tired from driving back from Florida. 10 min after we were in bed and beginning to get comfortable, my husband began to have a heart attack. I immediately called 911 and began to perform CPR until they arrived. I was so scared and started screaming asking The Lord: “please don’t take my husband”, as the paramedics worked on him. They could not get a heartbeat, and immediately took him to the hospital. My uncle drove me to the Hospital and by the time I got there he was still being worked on. He had been transported to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), where he would be watched and tests would be performed to see how much brain damaged was done.

I prayed so hard for my husband’s recovery and doctors were sure he would have some type of brain damage if he survived. Our Church family surrounded his bed and our pastor began to pray. Through the night, I prayed and the next morning, I prayed. My husband, hooked up with a lot of wires and oxygen attachments, opened his eyes and looked at me. I thanked God for his opened eyes. His tests came back with no brain damage. The doctors were in disbelief and in shock, but we knew what kind of God we serve and that he would make everything alright. By the end of the day my husband was sitting up, talking and asking what had happened. My God is so Good. With faith there is nothing God can’t do. As of today my husband is better and back on his Deacon duty, serving God. Amen!