I was pretty good at soccer back in the day. My secret was that I modeled my game after an accomplished player. Many times, it was Luis Figo. Other times, it was Thierry Henry or Jay Jay Okocha. In my mind, I was transformed to that player, and so I ran like they did, handled the ball like they did and even put out my tongue like they did, if they did. But not just soccer, this has also parlayed to all aspects of my life and ministry. Great mentor-ship has been my secret. It has opened the right doors for me. When I see someone preach, it becomes apparent after a few moments of observation, whom they take after. Influence runs deep.


Mentoring Leads to Greatness

Boaz watched a beautiful damsel picking up remnants after his servants had harvested the crops. Ruth carried herself much differently form the maidens that surrounded him. She was the carbon copy of her mother-in-law Naomi, whose virtue stood unmatched in Israel. She had left everything to follow Naomi who in turn, mentored her. Imparting grace, loyalty, and humility into her. Boaz summoned up courage and asked her over. Harvest all you want, he said, only be exclusive to my field. Ruth told Naomi of Boaz’s kindness, and Naomi in turn mentored her on how to win him as her husband. The rest they say is history. Oh, and Jesus came through this lineage by the way. Do you agree, Influence runs deep?


Seek Mentor-ship

Ask any successful person if they have/ had a mentor and the answer will be to the affirmative. Having the right mentor is instrumental to your success. If you don’t have a mentor today, my advice is to seek one immediately. You do not have to physically chat with a mentor. In fact, some mentors passed away decades ago, but still influence us through their books, audio tapes and legacy. Seek someone whom you admire, whom “you want to be like when you grow up” and begin to learn from them. This is the fastest way I know to get established in your calling.