I recently had lunch with the Vice President of a top Insurance firm who had been in senior management for over 20 years. I asked her about her secret for longevity in the corporate world. She said, it is to anticipate what the boss wants. Take something from the plate of the boss and execute it. That was it. That was what she had done for 20 years and had risen dramatically through the ranks. I thought that nugget of wisdom was interesting and worth bringing to you today. Think about that for a minute.


How Opportunity Works

People approach jobs asking first before giving. This is a wrong approach. They ask please do this for me, and give me this, without seeking first to see how they can help the person to whom the favor is required of. Do you know that King’s LOVE gifts? In fact, it is one of their biggest weaknesses. Yes, they have a lot of money to buy whatever they want but if someone brings a gift of say, a simple book, they brighten up. It’s not the cost, but the thought. The key to getting is giving. If you want an opportunity from someone, offer to find what that person needs and seek to help first.

Many will intreat the favour of the prince: and every man is a friend to him that giveth gifts – Proverbs 19:6

Get This

Don’t miss this. Your potential employer, your future helper, your future spouse is a friend to anyone that gives gifts. I’m not talking of bribery here. I am talking of genuinely seeking out someone’s needs and deciding to help them out first. Everybody has issues. Have you asked what God needs of you today? You can solve a need. You can bring a gift. Here is how to approach King Jesus:

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. – Psalms 100:4

I suppose you have it now. Oh, I could go on but I want to keep this short. This is how I got my promotions. By seeking hard what the boss needs, and then attempting to solve the problem. After that, I then asked plainly for what I needed. The person whom you are looking to help you needs help too, needs it first even. Every human needs help. Help them first and you will see how eager they are to help you. Even if they don’t, your help is not lost, but a seed sown that will attract a harvest.