Shaun Groves travels widely to speak and sing just so children are released from poverty. I am happy to partner with him, Compassion International and University Heights Baptist Church to host “Night of Compassion ’15 “. The event will be held on Sunday November 15th 2015 at 10:30am. You can find out more here. If you are around the Indianapolis area, please drop by. I will be so happy to see you, and chat with you, and perhaps pray with you. There is no charge.

Shaun speaking at "Night of Compassion 2012 event.

Shaun speaking at the Night of Compassion 2012 event.

The Life of a Home Builder

Perhaps she married a man of substance. She left her parents, everything she knew and loved since her youth to follow him. To the big city, where he went in search of opportunity. He wasn’t wealthy but he had a good head on his shoulders – and was madly in love with Jesus. He had ambition and big dreams for his family. She decided not to step in between him and God’s call on His life. Oh, how she supported and pushed him. She took a job to support him as he finished school. And then sacrificed to stay home and take care of their new born son when he finally started bringing home income. Then the family fortunes started rising. He became a star in the community. A beacon of hope to many who now aspired to be like him. All of a sudden he passed away, without warning. Her world tumbled.


Night of Compassion 2013 with Nathan Tasker and Teeklef

Night of Compassion 2013 with Nathan Tasker and Teeklef

Tragedy Can’t Touch This

Not long after burying her husband, her son took ill mysteriously. He too died within days. Oh the agony. The anguish. The city of Nain rallied around her because her husband had been a gift to the city. Mourning, they took the boy out of the city gates to bury him. Her eyes were almost swollen shut with tears, then something happened. Jesus noticed her. He was deeply moved by her suffering. He wanted to do something, anything to help. He had compassion. Without permission, he spoke to the dead young man, asking him to rise up. The boy obeyed, and Jesus gave him back to his grieving mother alive. Jesus moved on, not seeking a thank you or a returned favor. Just pure compassion.


Group picture with Night of Compassion '12 organizers

Group picture with Night of Compassion 2012 organizers

The Less You Have, The More You Give

You may not have much to give, but that’s what makes you eligible to offer compassion. You’ve been on the short end of the stick so you know exactly how that feels. You have empathy and are deeply moved by the suffering of someone else. You want to do something, anything to help. You stop and breathe a word of prayer for the afflicted. Words don’t come out, but your heavy heart touches God. You give of your wisdom and know how. You give of your resilience, of your mite. You show compassion. It’s not Bill Gates fighting malaria with billions of dollars, it’s you standing in the gap for your suffering neighbor. Thank you for your compassion

And when the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her, and said unto her, Weep not. – Luke 7:13