Provision in its smallest form requires thanksgiving and a confidence that the God that provided now will provide again, even bigger. That’s why, when David faced Goliath, he had confidence that the Lord that delivered the bear and the Lion into his hands, will do the same with this uncircumcised Philistine. It’s the confidence I just had as I attempted to salvage a situation with my mom’s car, just before I sat down to write you. One of the front tires had irrevocably declined and needed to be changed. Stuck at night in a gas station without the know how to maneuver, I had nothing but confidence that God will come through.

God’s Provision

And He did. I didn’t even pray, I just believed. Eric pulled right next to me on his way into the gas station. I asked if he knew about cars and he said  yes, he was a mechanic. He had just had knee surgery so I had to do the physical work while he provided the know how. Together we were able decode the security features of the car and get the tire changed (The car is not built to allow anyone easily change its tires). This is a small feat yet I will thank God for this little miracle and bask in the confidence that He who did this little one can do a much bigger one.

A Miracle In India

Talking about miracles, I thank God for the opportunity to be in India again this year. On October 29th, 30th and 31st, I will be conducting a crusade with my brother John Lubhaya and his team. We hope to reach many for Christ. There is a confidence that God will show up with a miracle as He has done many times in the past. I am inviting you to be a part of this crusade. It’s us taking Jesus to them. And of course, if you are around the Punjabi region of India, I would love to see you, to fellowship with you and to pray with you. We are confident, not in ourselves, but in what our unfailing God will do.