I am writing you this update from Beijing, China where I’ve been over the last 24 hours. My stay here has been fruitful. I’ve been able to build new relationships and perhaps lifelong friendships that will be instrumental to our ministry campaigns moving forward. Beijing is a modern city full of hospitable people. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has planned for this city. I was also able to share the gospel with a few people who were very receptive to the gospel.

I came here after our crusade at New Delhi, India en-route Indianapolis. But missed my connecting flight due to a flight delay. My natural impetus was to be perturbed and irritable. Those around me were screaming and causing a ruckus. But the peace of God flooded my soul when I was told I would be here for 2 days.  I asked the Lord the age old question I encourage you to ask: “Lord, what are you doing now”. The response in my Spirit was immediate. “I want you in this city as a reward for obeying me in going to India, and as a primer for what I’m about to do next”. Amen, I can’t wait.

The moral here is that God works in ways we cannot see. I can’t emphasis it enough, He is always up to something. He does not sleep nor slumber. He hustles in His rest, and rests in his hustle. Just as we should emulate. God opens doors of opportunity from seeming disappointments. The fact I was smiling and unperturbed after missing the flight created an opportunity to share Christ with people who wondered why I was smiling while others were cursing. They probably won’t have heard the gospel if not for the “Disappointment”. That’s your charge today. To trust that God is doing something on your behalf. Now say a prayer and ask what exactly that is. And trust.