The recently concluded US elections is first and foremost on people’s minds today. So let’s address it briefly. Some are fearful, worried about the future of their children. Worried if America does have a place for them. Others are jubilant, excited that their voices are finally heard. That the slide towards liberalism will be curbed and America will be restored to greatness. Whichever side of the fence you sit on; please realize that it will be OK in the long run. No leader can lead without permission from God. He puts leaders up and brings them down. Please don’t forget this

Our responsibility as Christians is to pray for our leaders. To pray for our Countries. Not just for the president, but for Senators, Governors and Mayors. And while political leaders can help nations through the implementation of great policies, let us never forget that our Kingdom is not of this world. God chose Saul for Israel because the nation rebelled wanting a physical King instead of the Lord. And yes, God also gave Israel David who helped restore the nation. When it comes to putting up and bringing down king’s, I want you to be rest assured that God is involved in leadership big time.

Whenever you feel a sting of pain due to the propagation of inequality, unfairness or straight out wrong policies effected by leaders, let this pain help you long for your heavenly home. When you feel despair, let it help you take stock of the things that keeps you shackled here on earth and make an effort to break free of them. To break free of sin, of love for money, of material gain, of selfishness and of pride. So that you can be free to meet your creator someday. And you wait for that glorious day by occupying time here on earth with good and industrious work. God bless you.

The King’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will – Proverbs 21:1