I’ve written previously about how God used a family to change my life. This family didn’t necessarily give me a job or preach the gospel to me, they just bade me to “come and see”. They invited me to tag along with them to the creation Museum in Kentucky. They opened their car to me, a stranger/ foreigner, and I was able to see a functional family, and aspire for that, for more in my life. Though its been many years ago, I reflected anew on this as I embarked on a  trip to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. On my way, I first stopped at West Lafayette, Indiana, where this family lived. My next stop was in Miami, Florida where a member of this same family inspired me not to settle for a B when I can get an A. And then finally, I journeyed to a Spanish speaking Country when the family I’m speaking of, was also fluent in Spanish. I didn’t schedule these stops, and so knew it wasn’t a coincidence. God is always doing something now, remember? He was taking me through these lampposts to remember where I’d been in preparation to where I was going.


Can anything good come out of Nazareth?

In part one of this series, I noted “Come and see”, was Phillip’s response to Nathanael, who had allowed his prejudice to get the better of him. “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?”, Nathanael had shamelessly asked. It’s like the children at the orphanage in Honduras, Hogar De Ninos Emmanuel, asking: “can anything good come out of San Pedro Sula?” which had the highest murder rate in the world. It’s the question you ask yourself sometimes, “Can anything good come out of me?”


God will use you, yes you

“Come and see” was my message to the people of San Pedro Sula. Inspiring them, was my way of paying forward, the kindness the family showed to me, allowing me to “come and see”. It is also my message to you today. Through my emails to you, I open up my life and tell stories that bid you to come and see. If God could use me, of all people, there is no doubt He will use you, even greater. God uses the smallest to do His bidding; and, He uses foolish things to confound the wise. Now you must believe He will use you to do something worthwhile with this breath He gave you. Can anything good come out of you? Yes. And I say to you, “Come, see for yourself.”

And Nathaniel said unto him, can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Phillip said unto him, come and see – John 1:46