Sitting aboard a Northwest flight en route Detroit from Ft. Lauderdale with a Microeconomics textbook sprawled across my lap; my mind was reverberating with the words I had heard the day before in Miami. A young lad sitting two seats from me on his way to Canada to meet his mom, asked about the text I was reading. “I replied it was for a college course I was taking”. Another young girl sitting right next to me – a University student returning from spring break and spotting a nice tan – said, “Your studying reminds me of what I am getting back to”; at the same time giving me a look that says “you shouldn’t be doing this on a trip”. I replied, “If you heard what I heard yesterday, you too would be doing same.

While in Miami for spring break, I had a discussion with a Christian lady that “blew my mind”. “Why settle for a B when you can get an A” was the sentence she said that caused the “damage”. From what I gathered in the discussion, she had worked hard to get the most out of her education so that she would be better prepared to serve. Listening to that, my mind immediately raced to the motto of my University which is “Education for Service”. Could it be that if I refuse to settle for a B and strive for an A, I will be a better servant of humanity? Isn’t that what I’ve always wanted to do, serve people? Is it that I am not just getting a degree for myself, but also for the millions of people that won’t get the same opportunity as I’ve got to go to school?

I reminisced about telling fellow students back in high school to be excellent at what they do, be it good or bad. Somehow in my youthful exuberance, I learnt that those that get recognition from the school authorities are those who are excellent academically or those who are excellent in misdemeanor. It was no use being in-between since those that were are not usually recognized. The Bible agrees with this point when it points out; “I know thy works that thou are neither hot nor cold: I would that thou wert cold or hot” – Revelations 3:15

How it all started

My mind raced back to the book I had read growing up in Lagos, Nigeria; and trying to establishing my identity. “If you want God’s best, don’t settle for less” was the title. The book used the parable of the sower to explain a point that made me start my Christian journey. To surmise; a lot of sown seeds fell on the wayside, thorns, and stony places – perishing in the process. However some seeds fell on good soil, and of those, some yielded 30%, others 60% and yet others yielded 100%. The book admonished to go for 100% in all you do. I started Christianity with the resolve that I was going to go for God’s best. I was going to go for 100% in that which the Lord has called me to accomplish. 

It Takes Study and Practice to Become

Somehow this semester, I had forgotten this resolution and got infected with “Senioritis”, a deadly syndrome that prevents you from doing any meaningful work. It was refreshing to be convicted during spring break that a lot of people (known and unknown) count on my success and have a stake in my well being. I was reminded that by doing well academically, I create a positive ripple effect that will affect generations to come. I shared this with my flight ‘seat mates’ and the young Canadian exclaimed with insight, “I am going to be famous one day, yet I will have to do what you are doing (Studying). I agreed with his statement and was exceedingly glad that he got it.