In their celebration, the enemy made a big mistake. They forgot that Samson’s hair, the one they shaved to subdue him, had begun to grow again. Drunk in merriment, they forgot to finish off Samson when they could, and worse off, they invited him as a guest of honor to their party, to be mocked upon. Big mistake. 3000 of the chiefest philistines lost their lives that day.

The prodigal son, reduced to eating with pigs, when all seemed lost,  started growing back his senses. He subsequently made a powerful decision and was victorious. Oh, has the enemy left you for defeated? Perhaps your Whatsapp is no longer buzzing as it used to, or no one is coming around you any more. Worse still, they may be mocking your perceived failure. Big mistake.

You are most powerful when you have nothing else to lose. Growth takes place in the valley, and your best sermons are drawn from the places were you’ve been broken.  Yes, this is when you can do your best work, free of pressures or vile expectations. If the enemy had known Jesus would issue healing through His broken body, he would never have put him on that cross. I feel your praise growing back on. You are remembering God’s sacred promises again. This means your comeback is on the way. Your best work, indeed your best days are ahead of you.


Hope u enjoyed yo birthday man of God may our God continue to use u everyday to bless his children thru u, well ever since I’ve known u my life has changed a lot, in my entire life I Neva thot I’ll ever get married let alone meet a man who loves only me but today am happy to say on the 15 December 2018 I got married. It was the happiest day of my life, thank you for all your prayers and always encouraging me to wait upon the Lord. – Seipati