Happy New Year

About two and half years ago, while working on my book, “What is God Doing Now?“, the Lord impressed it on my heart to also do an accompanying course. I had thought I would get it done and launch them together. I sent an email and asked what you would like to learn from me. The 2 topics that came to the top based on responses were:

  1. How to start a ministry
  2. How to preach the gospel

And so I set out to create this course, but the start was difficult. In fact, it was one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do. I had the idea and direction but was plagued with false starts. Perhaps you too can relate to how hard it is to start something the Lord put in your heart. I am happy to teach you how to start. That’s why this course is called “Launch and Grow  your worldwide evangelistic ministry” https://evangelistuche.com/learn/. It took 2 and a half years but it’s here now, ready for you.

As I finished recording this video course, I thanked the Lord for the two and a half year delay. In this time, I have been to about 21 Countries preaching the gospel, and seeing people of all tribes, tongues, and races. I have incorporated everything the Lord taught me into course. You don’t have to spend the 5 years it took me to learn these strategies. With this course, you can do so in just two weeks. I break it down to the 10 steps below and do a deep dive into each one: https://evangelistuche.com/learn/

  1. Accept The Call
  2. Edify and Grow
  3. Start a Website
  4. Publish
  5. Build an Email List
  6. Add Video
  7. Invitations & Finances
  8. How to Preach
  9. Exercise Your Faith
  10. Advertise

Course registration ends on January 14th, as I have to teach the students so use this link to get in today: https://evangelistuche.com/learn/ . I look forward to seeing you inside the course.

PS: Keep me in prayer as I head to Uganda next week for a gospel crusade campaign.