The crowd was seated and enthusiastic. As I looked out to the beautiful faces, I mostly saw young men and women, that was expected. What particularly caught my attention were the ministers seating in the front row. Nodding their heads in agreement, shouting an occasional ‘Amen’, throwing their hands forward in salute of a revelation. Hands supporting their chins, eyes squinted as they took in the message. My voice grew louder as I heard them, a bounce came into my step as I saw them leap to their feet to rejoice. This I thought was what it was meant to […]

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When The Sacred is Torn From Your Life…And You Survive

First let me say thank you for your inspiration, it been a blessing. Like you God has been instrumental in the last few years in teaching me that in order to do anything and for it to be successful I need to place Him first. Eight years ago my world as I knew it changed on one faithful day June 16th, 2008 when my husband of almost 25 years was killed in an auto accident. He died 3 day before what would have been our 25th wedding anniversary, almost 28 years together. He was killed by someone under the influence. I had […]

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The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

In my daily Bible reading, I’ve discovered a trait too loud in its silence. This trait expresses itself as cool, calm and collected in dire circumstances, under intense provocation. It exudes self control, composure, and steadiness when the stakes are too high and the margin for failure is thin. This trait is meekness. The man who possesses it is the de facto leader of his peers. It’s no wonder the Bible says the meek shall inherit the earth. Why shouldn’t they? Consider with me, the life of Moses.

Moses  was the most meek man on earth during his time. Meekness means he did not easily […]

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What You Have Given is What We Are Bringing – Developing The Courage to Share

As a teenager, I found myself in Church everyday. We had the: Sunday service, Monday fresh anointing service, Tuesday choir practice, Wednesday Bible study, Thursday prayer meeting, Friday breakthrough service, Saturday’s Ushers meeting… I imagine you are laughing by now. Perhaps you too can relate. But I got a lot of out this, especially a song. This song sounded pop like, with a 5 clap sequence intricately woven in. Sung beautifully in broken English, it goes like this: “Na the thing wey you give us papa, na im we dey bring am so”. Which translates: “It’s what You have given to us […]

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Called Out, Saved And Anointed

Do you remember epic moments in your childhood? I do. One of those moments was when I went with a friend to sell stolen books. We ended up not having the gumption to sell the books and decided to play video games instead. I laugh now as I remember this phase of life. We were children seeking to pay off a levy imposed by a senior bully. The queer thing is that my friend and accomplice came out of this unscathed. I on the other hand bore an excessive brunt of the repercussion. I was asked to leave the boarding […]

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Praying For Kenya With Love

When I first came to the United States as a student of the University of Indianapolis, many years ago, I met a gentleman by the name of Ken Mosongo. Ken is from Kenya. Yeah, I know. That’s what I thought too, Ken from Kenya? What a rhyme. Ken and I worked long hours in the school kitchen. We studied together in its labs on weekends and late into the night. We taught ourselves how to make cheap international calls. We fretted about how we could pay our large tuition bills and what we would do if we became dropouts. Those […]

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The Calling, The Equipping and The Establishing

As a 15 year old in high school, I had read about paying particular attention to that thing you do which people applaud every time. (By the way, this advice still rings true for you today). For me, it was inspirational speaking and writing. And so I honed this skill, improving as much as I could but then I met a brick wall. After graduation, there just wasn’t an audience. There was no doubt God had called me and equipped me, but He was yet to establish me. This is a key point, hold this thought as we proceed.

His parents […]

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