Creating By Managing

I lost my fiance last month and my god-sister in days of each other. They were the two closest people in my life. I didn’t know how to go on but God has carried me through the one thing I thought I couldn’t make it through. I feel God ministering and upholding my heart in his hands and his grace keeps me in ways like I don’t know. I thank […]

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Don’t Buy Potential, Buy As Is

The windshield was oily, making it difficult to see out through the night as I sped through the Canadian countryside. The rhythmic sound of the wiper coupled with the car stereo going at full blast formed an eclectic melody. “Whish Whash Boom!” I had driven 533 miles over 9 hours just to witness the wedding of a dear friend, a good man, Sebastian. To grasp the significance of this, you […]

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An Increased Capacity to Influence

 I recently met a gentleman for lunch and he told me a fascinating story. Let me share it with you. Croydon (not his real name), had the perfect life. Everything he had wanted to be as a child, he was. He had married his Bible College sweetheart. Their 19 years of fruitful marriage produced 3 handsome and healthy boys. He was ordained as a youth pastor, his dream job. Better […]

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You Are Healed

The winter was brutal with ice and freezing cold hovering all over the Indianapolis skyline. I was owing 3 months of rent. School was out of session and so I could not sneak into the cafeteria for a hot meal. Yes, I used to sneak in through the back door since I could not afford the $5.50 meal charge. Many times I got caught and sent away to face a […]

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Let Them Come

Fallen leaves and dew overlaid the grass. The weather was not too hot nor cold. Just a perfect fall Sunday. My roommate John, mentioned he had been invited to Church. I asked him if I could come along. He agreed. Though a Christian, I hadn’t been to Church in the four weeks since I arrived Indianapolis. We attended Grace Evangelical Church that day. There I […]

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The Master Orchestrator

orchestrate: – to arrange or manipulate, especially by means of clever or thorough planning or maneuvering:

I had the pleasure of meeting legendary investor, Warren Buffett years ago in Omaha, Nebraska. Along with several other students, I came to him for wisdom on how to pick stocks and be successful. But the advice he gave us was to not “miss it” when it became time to choose […]

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From A Deep Place

Occasionally, people try to tell me what to do and why I should do it. Some of these things have nothing to do with my calling. Just someone having an idea, and wanting me to fit into that idea. I easily spot these because I remember where I was when God called me. I remember it was just me and God then, when things were […]

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