How To Call For God’s Presence

I got the privilege of working with Isaac Hughes on a campus Christian concert many years ago. Isaac is a person of influence who got things done. I asked Isaac how he came to Christ and he narrated how he was brought up in a Christian home, but backslid. He came back to God by listening to praise and worship music one day. That's it. No preaching, no reading, just music. He said he felt the presence of the holy spirit mightily in that moment, rededicated his life to Christ and has not looked back since. You see now why I include music with my books? How I Recapture God's Presence Let me tell you my secret to recapturing God's presence around me. I simply play [...]

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Thank God for Uindy!

I sat lonely on my mattress, hands over my face and shoulders drooped as I considered my future, or lack of it. Here I was, 17 years old, a recent high school graduate with no prospect to pursue higher learning. I did not take the Joint Administrations and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam because I believed God had called me preach His word around the world.  So it made for a sad story when the schools I applied to responded asking me to pay $17,000 a year. Where on earth was I going to get that kind of money from? Sound familiar? For you, it's where do I get the capital to start my business? Stay with me.   An Email That Changed it All [...]

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Have You Started Your Own Business Yet?

In 2015, while visiting a Church in Nairobi Kenya, I heard a not-so-usual call to action. The speaker had just asked the congregation: "Have you started your business yet, or are you in the process of starting one"? I learned this question was asked of the congregants every Sunday. Yes, there was the call for salvation and the call to join the prayer line for broken bodies to be healed. But this was a call to enterprise, to resourcefulness and to improvisation. Money is mentioned about 140 times in the Bible. Not so you fall in love with it, but so that you apply wisdom in its attainment, utility and in benevolence.   You Can't Get Rich on a Salary I write to inspire you to start your own business. [...]

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Why Another Responsibility?

At the time my daughter Esther was born, I thought I was doing everything right. I faithfully showed up daily to the same job at the local hospital. A job I got upon graduation from University. I did more than was required of me but my salary stayed the same. It seemed high at the time I took the job, but with a wife and 2 children to support, the salary had fallen grossly inadequate. To compound matters, the hospital sent me huge bills for Esther's delivery. So in earnest, one hand was giving, and the other hand was taking away. I don't blame them. You will agree with me that it's hard for companies to give a raise. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. [...]

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Why I’m I wrongfully Accused?

A friend Anslem, sent me an email asking why he is always accused. His question reminds me of a statement made by former US presidential candidate Ben Carson days before he exited the race. "Someone attack me please". Ben was languishing badly in the polls. As a result, no one wanted to accuse him during a debate. That's what happens when you are becoming a no factor. You get no accusation. Those that are down and out get no attacks. So it is in the spiritual world. Satan is not called the accuser of the brethren for nothing. You are Accused For a Reason The disciples rejoiced when they had been beaten, counting it joy that they had suffered shame for Jesus Christ. They had been accused of [...]

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Keep Moving Forward

It used to be, that I produced 3 writings a week, the 3rd one being an audio and video production. Back then, 3 years ago, not many were listening, but I wrote because I was called to do so. If only one person is blessed, I thought to myself, that is worth it. Then God brought an audience and instead of increasing, my writings dwindled to twice a week, and then crawled to one letter a week. Today, it hovers around one letter every two weeks. Irrespective of, I keep producing. Even if my writing stalls to one letter a month, I keep moving forward why? Because of a call.   Growth Births Setbacks Jesus experienced the death of John the baptist, a major setback for him. He had people [...]

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The Confidence Bequeathed By a Mother

I have been in Colombia over the last few days. Well, not physically speaking, but in books. I've been studying its history, it's beautiful cities and the resilience of its people. One of the dark chapters the Colombian people overcame was that of Pablo Escobar. What stood out to me like a sore thumb, was Pablo's mom, Hemilda Gaviria. She kept boosting his confidence and telling him that he was the most powerful man in Colombia, He was the next president. He was great. Pablo believed this and lived like it. This reminds me of Alexander the great, whose mother told him he was a god. Alexander believed this and almost conquered the known world. No Kings Without Mothers As I read through the Bible, [...]

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