This Disappointment is An Appointment With Your Calling

11 year old Walt Disney canvassed his neighborhood delivering newspapers. He happily stomped the winter snow with his leather boots, the only luxury item his parents ever bought him for Christmas. He kicked at a piece of ice, not knowing that there was a nail protruding from it. The nail pierced his boots and sunk deep into his toe. Oh the pain shooting through his little leg as realization set in - he was stuck. All he could do was yell for help. After about 20 minutes, a gentleman showed up, slowly removed the nail from his toe and rushed him to the hospital.  Walt was told he had to sit in bed for 2 weeks to heal.   An Appointment With The Call Idling on his bed, Walt thought of his life. Should [...]

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My 1 year old daughter Ellen, and I have a game we often play when I get in from my study. She sits on the bed and leans back towards the floor. She will fall and hurt herself if no one catches her in this posture. Yet she does it because she trust daddy to catch her. She trust me with her life. And yes, I do catch her every time. I have to. After hundreds of iterations, I have never failed to catch her once. I would be damned if I betray that trust. Though the consequence of not catching her is much (she will hit her head on the floor), but that's not what motivates me. What really makes me catch her each time [...]

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It’s Who You Are

Peter and his cohorts were kidnapped and shamelessly asked to be quiet over their proclamation of Jesus Christ. Peter had filled the city with Christ's doctrine, and the religious leaders were beginning to feel the pressure. They felt threatened, jealous even. The leaders didn't know if to order or beg Peter. As a man caught with his pants down, they desperately tried to silence the disciples. Peter being self aware, was defiant: "Should we obey you or God"?   A Defiance Rooted In Identity There is the true story of a drug trafficker, Gustavo, who when cornered, was asked to snitch (tell on the whereabouts of his associates). He replied with conviction and with laughter, "I am a bandit, not a snitch (informant)". He was killed for not [...]

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See You in 2016 – Happy New Year

God called me to ministry at a very young age but I did not start in earnest until 2003. It's been 12 years of ministry, mostly local at first but now, because of the digital age, global. In 2015, we reached about 130,000 people in 178 Countries with God's saving message. Think of that for a minute. God has blessed me in so many ways for obeying His call. I give you this statistic for two reasons. 1. So you can glorify God and 2. Be inspired inspired that if God can use me, a little kid back in 2003 growing up in one of the forgotten corners of the world, He can use you too. If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land: [...]

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Merry Christmas 2015

As the sun set on a humid Southern California day, we sat at the McDonald's drive thru, pondering our dire situation. She had just been sent packing from the house we stayed in. And she was pregnant. This was year 2005. The convenient thing to do was to send her back to Indiana, while I stayed back and looked for a job. Perhaps after a few week of earnings, I will be able to get an apartment and bring the family back. Long before I learned that "Jobs come and jobs go, but at the end of the day, family is all you got", God helped me choose to do the right thing. I chose to go back to Indiana with her even though we had no place to sleep, [...]

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Thankful For 2015

My name is Lungile, 30 years of age,  I wish to share my testimony with you brethren and shame the Devil who is and was a liar since the beginning. When I grew up, I used to believe that Jesus is the Lord, I did believe that he died for my sins yet I have never had faith in his name. I believed all things in the Bible are true but never believed that kneeling down, praying and putting faith in the name of Jesus can be this powerful. I came to live in Johannesburg in 2004, living in Johannesburg led me astray as I began to be conformed to the standard of the place, there are a lot of evil things happening which makes [...]

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From Passion to Compassion to Harvest – Night of Compassion 2015 Report

God has done the miraculous this year. Thanks to your generosity, over 10 Children were sponsored and released from poverty in Jesus name. This happened at our recent "Night of Compassion 2015" event in Indianapolis. In addition, we also raised $500 so another child without parental support can have the opportunity to reach a higher potential in Jesus name. You are already receiving a harvest here on earth but you wait till you get to heaven and hear God say: "As you did to the least of these, you did for me". Nothing like it.   #MovingForwardTheBook Giveaway Please join me in congratulating fellow community saints: Destiny Pal, Tshidi Bayana, Victor Sirengo, Grace Emenogu and Ishaku Israel, on winning copies of the book (kindle version), Moving Forward by Stephanie [...]

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