Pain, Suffering and Increased Capacity

 I recently met a gentleman for lunch and he told me a fascinating story. Let me share it with you. Croydon (not his real name), had the perfect life. Everything he had wanted to be as a child, he was. He had married his Bible College sweetheart. Their 19 years of fruitful marriage produced 3 handsome and healthy boys. He was ordained as a youth pastor, his dream job. Better […]

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You Are Healed

The winter was brutal with ice and freezing cold hovering all over the Indianapolis skyline. I was owing 3 months of rent. School was out of session and so I could not sneak into the cafeteria for a hot meal. Yes, I used to sneak in through the back door since I could not afford the $5.50 meal charge. Many times I got caught and sent away to face a […]

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Let Them Come

Fallen leaves and dew overlaid the grass. The weather was not too hot nor cold. Just a perfect fall Sunday. My roommate John, mentioned he had been invited to Church. I asked him if I could come along. He agreed. Though a Christian, I hadn’t been to Church in the four weeks since I arrived Indianapolis. We attended Grace Evangelical Church that day. There I […]

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The Master Orchestrator

orchestrate: – to arrange or manipulate, especially by means of clever or thorough planning or maneuvering:

I had the pleasure of meeting legendary investor, Warren Buffett years ago in Omaha, Nebraska. Along with several other students, I came to him for wisdom on how to pick stocks and be successful. But the advice he gave us was to not “miss it” when it became time to choose […]

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From A Deep Place

Occasionally, people try to tell me what to do and why I should do it. Some of these things have nothing to do with my calling. Just someone having an idea, and wanting me to fit into that idea. I easily spot these because I remember where I was when God called me. I remember it was just me and God then, when things were […]

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The Path To Prominence

To compensate for a missed trip, I took the family to the JW Marriott hotel in downtown Indianapolis. As we left for home after our stay, I was approached by Jeff Walker (Not his real name), an employee of the hotel who assisted with guest parking. Jeff and I go way back. We attended the same University. Jeff was the star of the soccer team, the one everybody wanted to […]

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January 2015 Newletter – New Jerusalem Charitable Society

New Jerusalem Charitable Society

News letter January 2015

Dear brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus! In the month of January 2015, we could reach the message of Salvation to the unreached people through door to door Evangelism and conducting house meetings. I thanks for whole New Jerusalem Charitable Society team who goes place to place […]

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