From Death To Life

One of the best parts of my job is hearing testimonies. Just like the one you are about to read. I get these daily, but I don’t take them for granted. I lay down, close my eyes and all suddenly become well because I am reminded that God is alive, and moving. This is a high no feeling on earth can touch. If you’ve ever been called to ministry, I […]

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Living Your Dream

I recently had lunch with my best friend and former roommate. We had not seen each other for about two years, and so it was great to catch up. Chad’s wife was expecting a new baby, and he was now the youth pastor of his congregation. He told me he had been invited to a faith debate at the campus of Indiana University, Kokomo. I was very proud of him. […]

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Saved By The Bell

As a Christian, I do not live in a vacuum. I live in the real world, just as you do. And so I could barely escape the hashtag #MayPac that flooded my social media feeds last week. I learned Manny Pacquiao rocked Floyd Mayweather with a hard left in the 4th round and then followed up with a flurry of combinations. Floyd could barely stand on his feet. Covered up […]

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Pray For Nepal

In October 2014, I was scheduled to be in Kathmandu, Nepal for a gospel meeting. Everything was set for an awesome outpouring of the Holy Spirit but for some reason, last minute, a schedule change meant I could not be there. This change created an insatiable hunger to be back with my brothers and sisters in Nepal to share the gospel and help out in 2015. And so imagine how […]

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Creating By Managing

I lost my fiance last month and my god-sister in days of each other. They were the two closest people in my life. I didn’t know how to go on but God has carried me through the one thing I thought I couldn’t make it through. I feel God ministering and upholding my heart in his hands and his grace keeps me in ways like I don’t know. I thank […]

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Don’t Buy Potential, Buy As Is

The windshield was oily, making it difficult to see out through the night as I sped through the Canadian countryside. The rhythmic sound of the wiper coupled with the car stereo going at full blast formed an eclectic melody. “Whish Whash Boom!” I had driven 533 miles over 9 hours just to witness the wedding of a dear friend, a good man, Sebastian. To grasp the significance of this, you […]

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An Increased Capacity to Influence

 I recently met a gentleman for lunch and he told me a fascinating story. Let me share it with you. Croydon (not his real name), had the perfect life. Everything he had wanted to be as a child, he was. He had married his Bible College sweetheart. Their 19 years of fruitful marriage produced 3 handsome and healthy boys. He was ordained as a youth pastor, his dream job. Better […]

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