The Holy Spirit and You – Live in Lagos

Often, after completing a missions trip, someone contacts me and says: "I did not know you were in my city". If you have suggestions as to how I can amplify announcements on where I am going, I will like to hear it. Here is a message I recently received: "Hello Evangelist Uche, I must say I'm really encouraged with your ways of following up. I saw your post of coming to Lagos, Nigeria, and I plan to attend, it will be my first time to see you in person, I believe God, there will be a new move of His Spirit in my life". Amen. Someone else asked for specific details so he can postpone a trip and attend. Here are the details of my upcoming trip to Lagos, Nigeria. [...]

Don’t Waste Your Suffering

My team and I just returned from India and we feel giddy, like the disciples: "And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name - Luke 10:17". Why shouldn't we? When we just saw over 1000 people saved in one single meeting. Many gave testimonies as to how the Lord had healed them instantly. A lady who could not move her arms began to do so at the meeting, and many others. There were public manifestations, as demons came out of the people they were tormenting for years. You can find some photos from the event by clicking this link. We also poured into Pastors and encouraged them through seminars. Several people came forward to be baptized in the name [...]

You Need Your Enemies

By the time you get this message, I will be traveling en route to Nairobi, and Mwingi, Kenya,  for a series of meetings. Pray for the team as we go, that many will see Christ in a new way, and commit their lives to him. That souls pour into the Kingdom, and ministries are established. Thanks for praying and also thanks for sending us through your generosity. Our God is, and I can't wait to tell you all about it. I hope your walk with the Holy Spirit has continued to be interesting, that you are learning much and growing daily. One thing the Holy Spirit will teach you is that you do need your enemies. Someday you will thank your enemies because you wouldn't have attained to your destiny [...]

What Shall I do to be Saved

Asking of anything from anyone is not my forte. So you can imagine the trepidation I felt when the Lord asked me to do a fundraiser, and give people an opportunity to be blessed through their participation in this soul-winning ministry. It helps build humility which is needed for any God mission because, at the end of the day, you and I bring little to the table. We obeyed, and God took over - the result speaks for itself. God Works in Mysterious Ways My best part of this fundraiser was leading one of the donors to Christ. Yes, take a moment and celebrate with the angels. She gave first and then told me God had saved her life just this week, she was shaken to her core, and was [...]

Child of The King

It's been a great season of sitting at the Lord's feet, hearing His words, seeking His face and preparing for the missions field. This is the good and needful part Mary chose, over Martha, of which the Lord didn't take from her, and wouldn't take from you if you too go down this path. God is always up to something, especially when it seems that nothing is moving in your life, or outside observers begin to question if your God still moves. You ARE before you DO. Below, we continue our insightful series on identity. Write back and share your thoughts. Melvin, a slave, distinguished himself by not taking part in the lewd jokes, blatant sexual immorality and chronic alcoholism that defined his colleagues. Vices they resorted to in order [...]

Come Away, Rest a While

What are some of the things the Lord has done for you lately? I've been able to successfully come away and rest a while. I write more about this principle that has served me very well over many years of ministry below: The atmosphere was brimming with joy. The disciples had, before their eyes, seen demons cast out, the sick healed, and a multitude of people attain salvation. What could be better? The press that accompanies success was around them - people everywhere. Yet Jesus, being experienced in these things, asked the disciples to come away, and rest a while.  In another scripture, Jesus admonished them not to rejoice for these successes, but instead to rejoice for their names were written in heaven. How I Do it A secret that [...]

For One Soul

I've received several messages asking: "When are you coming to Nigeria?" Well, after a number of years, I am pleased to tell you, I am coming to Nigeria this June 2019 by God's grace. It's a homecoming of sorts. Good news is that I have space for one more meeting, so if you are able to organize a meeting at your Church for my team and I, or your Pastor is able to, then reply and we can work on details, seeing if it will work. Lagos, Abuja, Imo, Abia, PortHarcourt etc. If you are in Nigeria, I'm looking forward to seeing you in person soon, by God's grace. And more immediately, hearing from you via email reply. Below is a video of a meeting we did in Nepal. We [...]

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