Dreams Made Possible – Inspiring Newspaper Article on Our Ministry

Our local newspaper called the South Side Times, just ran a story on our ministry titled: "Dreams Made Possible". I was aware the story was coming out, but I did not expect it to be on the front page. I got messages from local people picking it up from grocery stores and getting inspired -

Give to The Lord

Don't let the title fool you. I am not asking you to give my ministry anything. But I am asking you to give to the Lord. It would save you and help you, more than anything else I can think of. Give to your local church, give to charity, give of your time and talent.

Wait, I Have Something For You

This is the message from the Lord to you, specifically, in this season. To wait on Him. For He has something special for you. If He does not do it for you, then you don't want anyone else to do it. It's only Jesus. He has something for you. A buffer of Love, joy, peace,

The 10X Spirit – Night of Compassion ’20

The election results of the 2016 US presidential election unsettled me. This because I knew intuitively, that voice had just been given to a lot of people with racist attitudes around the world.

Happy Thanksgiving 2020. Choose to Praise.

Imagine giving thanks in the year of a global pandemic. Late last year, I mentioned 2020 will be a year of contentment. This went contra to what a lot of people thought considering it was a new decade and all.

What is God Doing Now?

How are you? This is my first message in 3 months. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a boon to myself, my family, and my ministry. Not because the world is safe, and travel is not restricted. But because we could see the hand of God in it and pivot appropriately. I tell stories about this

Prayers for Nepal Youth Revival

As a young man, I had people sow into me. To this day, I remember the youth meetings, the words of wisdom (many I still use today), the camaraderie, etc. As I got older, I too started hosting youth meetings, and those were some of my best days. I brought in Christian movies and songs