A fellow passenger boarded our domestic flight with nothing but the clothes on his back and the small backpack he carried. That seemed ludicrous to me until we disembarked, and then I saw the wisdom of his action. He walked right through everything on his way to his destination. I on the other hand, was held back a long time waiting for my hand luggage. Then I had to go down to the carousel to wait some more for my other luggage to appear. My luggage was full of extra clothes I didn't need. Because the gentleman cut down to his essentials, he was able to accelerate, while I was delayed.   The Covenant to Cut As a token of the covenant between Abraham and God, the Israelites were asked [...]

Propelled By Prejudice. Part 2

The article below was sent to me by Theodore Sugges as an email response to my message Propelled by Prejudice. I found it fascinating enough to post as a part 2 - With Theodore's permission of course. The article understands and augments my points. Prejudice takes many forms and yes, Racial bigotry is included. I read your message today with interest. In many ways people have discouraged me with proclamations that I wasn't good enough or would never amount to anything. In the end I proved all or most of them wrong. Prejudice in my country is a very strong word usually applied on the basis of racial lines, so when that word is used it usually means racial bigotry. I trust that is not the case in the examples [...]

Propelled By Prejudice

How could John Sullivan realize that his prejudice towards me would propel me forward? Could he have foreseen that the man whom he unfairly gave my soccer scholarship to, would one day load my luggage into my car as I prepared to leave a luxury hotel with my family. How could he have predicted that though his decision caused me to temporarily drop out of school, that I would achieve an advanced degree 5 years before his posse would? I twice remember, the bitter sting of prejudice piercing me, yet in hindsight, those instances forced me to grow, to become the man God called me to be. I was propelled by prejudice.   Maturity Through Prejudice In a previous article, stand, we saw that David's "crime" was that he brought [...]

An Extra Measure of Grace

The parking garage looked modern on the outside, but felt dingy on the inside. Dad and I sat quietly in the idling car as I waited on him to take his call before I backed out. I watched dad struggle to slide to the right, with his finger, the interface that would take the call. He wasn't found wanting for effort. The non-intuitive design of the smartphone made it difficult. After a few tries, dad gave up, and said: "she (his wife) will call back". I instantly recalled all the times I had felt dejected because dad didn't pick my call. Could it be that he tried to, but the phone wouldn't let him? I learned a new lesson on giving an extra measure of grace that day. On cutting [...]

But to Minister

My approach was to start and run a cell phone business first, and then use the proceeds to fund the ministry which I had just launched in 2003. Not bad thinking. But this approach was wrong. I got trapped in a cycle of borrowing time and treasure to scale the business, in order to stay solvent (a business is either growing or dying). The business became my obsession and there was no time left for the ministry. I had put the cart before the horse. The ministry began to thrive when I realized that I had to minister (serve) first, locally, no matter how small, and then from this place of ministry, contentedly, seek the Lord on how I can minister to more people. Adopting this approach, God revealed the [...]


It was heart lifting reading your beautiful emails again. I was encouraged by your testimonies of how good God has been to you. Someone got a writing contract, another had a baby, a broken marriage was restored and there were lots of scholarships and jobs. Yet I also got prayer requests that highlighted the year has not been all that great for everyone. If you are still praying for the Lord to touch you this year, then this piece is for you. Stand.   What Have I Done Wrong? David's crime was that he brought deliverance to Israel. Where the mighty army of Israel had failed to fight and win, a Shepherd boy dared to take God at His word and do exploits. David defeated the Philistines. For this, he [...]

Punjab India 2017 Crusade – Happy Thanksgiving

It's been a few weeks now since I returned from the gospel crusade in India, and I’ve had some time to convalesce. I wasn't physically sick per se, but I was mentally drained and spiritually exhausted. I needed God's refill, and in true fashion, He did not fail. There was a backlog of items on my desk here at the Onyx House that required my attention. Hence, it took me awhile to get back to writing…I'm glad to write to you again.   A Heart Full of Thanks My heart is full. It's full because of the 200+ people who put their trust in Jesus Christ for the first time. It's full because of the woman who experienced God's healing touch, whom I visited and prayed for in the hospital, [...]

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