For One Soul

I've received several messages asking: "When are you coming to Nigeria?" Well, after a number of years, I am pleased to tell you, I am coming to Nigeria this June 2019 by God's grace. It's a homecoming of sorts. Good news is that I have space for one more meeting, so if you are able to organize a meeting at your Church for my team and I, or your Pastor is able to, then reply and we can work on details, seeing if it will work. Lagos, Abuja, Imo, Abia, PortHarcourt etc. If you are in Nigeria, I'm looking forward to seeing you in person soon, by God's grace. And more immediately, hearing from you via email reply. Below is a video of a meeting we did in Nepal. We [...]

Look Up

How can I pray for you? Something has broken open in the spirit realm, I feel an anointing and I am happy to add my faith with yours in taking your prayer requests to the Lord's throne. Below, I let go of a secret I use. It's never failed me yet, and I don't anticipate it will ever fail, because God cannot fail. PS: Kindly click on this link to subscribe to my youtube channel. That way you get the video first before others. Click here to watch the video or click on the picture below The secret to why faith is activated during my meetings out in the missions field, and people are healed, is that I do not see the sickness. Many times, I do not even see [...]

You Are – Part 3

We've had a slate of birthdays at the Onyx house. Each birthday, each breath we draw, reminds us of how faithful and extravagant God's grace has been. Please wish my daughters Esther and Ellen, a happy birthday. I have another testimony too, I started a new position that has opened up vast vistas for the ministry. Halleluyah. Let's continue with part 3 of the series: You Are: PS: Kindly click on this link to subscribe to my youtube channel. That way you get the video first before others. Click here to watch the video or click on the picture below With my head bowed down, I wondered: Lord how long will the enemy win? How long will I be at this undignified job? Father, is this ever going to end? [...]

You Are – Part 2

It's been a blessing to lead people to Christ over the phone. If you are interested in accepting Jesus, feel free to reply, and I will call you. Since we are now consistently doing video, kindly click on this link to subscribe to the youtube channel. That way you don't miss a new issue. Click here to watch the video or click on the picture below I walked up to the platform multiple times to give my life to Christ as a child. Usually, it was as a result of watching a movie about hell, and not wanting to go there. This new found righteousness would last but a few days and then wash off. I would then make my way back to the altar again to surrender my life [...]

You Are

If you responded to how I'm to handle the influx of testimonies to my email, thank you. If not, there is still time. I believe testimonies should not be confined to any inbox, that's for confidential prayer requests. Testimonies belong out in the world, published to show how good our God is. To show His greatness, to lift Him up, and in the process, become whole. It's how we overcome the enemy who intends to shut us up so our precious Jesus is not glorified. For now, I will experiment with publishing testimonies on a web page, and on social media. There is just so much the Lord is doing that we are not rejoicing on. And people's faith stand a huge change to be lifted high enough to receive [...]

Watch & Pray

Since my last letter, I've received testimonies galore. It's almost overwhelming what God has done in the life of so many readers. Those who wrote me back have given me permission to publish their testimonies,  but I'm concerned we may not have space for all the testimonies. Write me back and let me know if I should write down more testimonies, or just create a link where you can go and celebrate with those who have received their breakthroughs? You know, the fastest way to get your own breakthrough is to rejoice with those who are rejoicing. We often miss God's move because we are concerned about the past and the future, which is not bad. The Lord has put it in my heart to advice you with the topic: [...]

A Phoenix From The Ashes

Happy Valentine's Day: I'm glad my body clock is readjusted since I got back from Uganda. I am able to stay awake again past, 7pm again. Woohoo! Write me and tell me how has your new year resolutions have been going? I believe something prevalent in our thoughts as 2019 rolled in, was transformation. Leaving the old and grasping the new. I write briefly about it below: Click here to watch the video or click on the picture below The Phoenix is a large bird of Greek mythology, that after it gets to a certain old age, self destructs. This bird, burst in flames, and then reemerges from the ashes, a new bird with renewed youth and vigor. A rebirth occurs, a transformation, a transition, if you will. It's the [...]

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