During my recent evangelistic trip to Punjab, India, I occasionally felt inadequate and undeserving. Wishing sometimes, that this would pass. But God’s call sustained me. There are millions of other better qualified people on earth, but He chose me for this work. In my professional life, I’ve been given big projects to accomplish. No longer does that inadequate feeling creep in than am I reminded that God trusts me so much, that He gave me this responsibility. How could I not move forward and bring it to fruition with Him in my corner, rooting for me? Does this sound familiar? Can you relate?

The Story of Saul

Saul badly needed direction. You see, Saul was of lowly birth. His family was the lowest of the tribe of Benjamin, which was in turn, the smallest tribe in Israel. The Sheep he was tending had wandered away under his watch. Seriously, who loses the Sheep assigned to them? Wouldn’t this incident prove it to be true, what those people were saying? That he (Saul) was inferior to them? That he was no good? Saul had to find the Sheep somehow. But more urgently, he had to find answers to his life, answers to everything.

Eight hours of searching gone, nothing. Saul’s servant suggested that they meet the prophet of God and inquire. In other words, that they seek the counsel of someone wiser, God. This is how they did it back in the day. When someone wanted answers, direction or needed to make a decision, they went to God first. That’s the way we ought to do it today. Not trusting in our own ways or leaning on our understanding or the opinions of our peers. But going on our knees, humbly seeking God in prayer.

A King is Called

Let’s get back to Saul. As he and his servant approached the Prophet, God spoke to Samuel telling him that the future King of Israel was on the way to meet him. Who was it? Saul – of all people. He couldn’t believe his good fortune when he was anointed King. He felt inadequate and overwhelmed by the Prophet’s good gesture, but God had called Him. No training, no noble birth, no culture. Just a call – King. He understood now that his sheep was lost, not because he was a dummy, but so he could find his true calling.


Don’t you feel that way sometimes? Undeserving of unending grace? Overwhelmed by the new job promotion or the A’s you got in your exam. That God could choose you, yes you, to know Him and be known of Him. That He could pick you to be a dad or a mom, entrusting little children into your care. You, of all people? This is favor. Replace that inadequate feeling with gratitude, God called you. With His call comes overwhelming provision. You will excel at this position because God trusts you to do it. Go on, with God’s wisdom, deliver above and beyond that which is expected.

If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. – James 1:5