Simon had enthusiasm. As a fisherman he was enthusiastic. As a disciple of Christ, he was the first to refuse the Lord’s offer to wash his feet, though he later reneged asking that not just his feet but his whole body be washed. Simon was the one who asked that fire be called from heaven to consume some ‘haters’.

Despite his flaws, the Lord loved Simon’s enthusiasm. He changed his name from Simon to Peter, meaning  a rock. He put Peter into a new system to operate in, that of leading the disciples. Notice here that, you don’t teach enthusiasm, you hire that.

And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. – Matthew 16:18

Saul was a passionate executioner of that which he deemed to be right. He had studied under the famed Gamaliel and felt strongly that the new Christians were violating the ways of the Jews. And so he set out to extinguish them. He pursued them passionately to the ends of the earth. I will like to think God admired his passion, but detested the system to which it was put in use. And so God had to arrest Saul on the way to Damascus, change his name to Paul, and then put him in a new system. The system of building His kingdom on earth. Paul was so passionate about his new work that most of the new testament was written by him. He was to die for the sake of the gospel but his passion did not allow him falter nor retreat. Notice again that you don’t teach Passion, You hire it.

I am a firm believer in hiring the best of the best for the best. They may be pricey but they will deliver value above their cost. You don’t hire a professional soccer player and then waste time and resources teaching him how to pass the ball. That is why you hired him in the first place. You just have to change his jersey (name) and show him the new system to which he is to operate in. You don’t teach drive, you hire that. You don’t teach initiative, you hire that. You don’t teach good mannerisms, you don’t teach composure under pressure. You hire that! You don’t teach passion, you hire that. Strive today then, to be the best that you can be because no one is drooling to teach you, yet everyone is looking to hire you. #BeHireable

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