The winter was brutal with ice and freezing cold hovering all over the Indianapolis skyline. I was owing 3 months of rent. School was out of session and so I could not sneak into the cafeteria for a hot meal. Yes, I used to sneak in through the back door since I could not afford the $5.50 meal charge. Many times I got caught and sent away to face a long hungry night. Other times I entered unnoticed and got a hot meal. I would then put some milk in a Coca-cola bottle and take it back to my then one year old daughter Meyaozo, so she too could eat. My good friend Christian, gave me $20.00 as a gift. I felt like the richest man in the world holding that bill. I was sick financially. I needed healing. And I needed it desperately.

Alphonse, another friend and colleague said to me one day:

Uche, it is possible that you are going through trials and the Lord is testing your faith but what if this situation is of the devil? Doesn’t the bible say that, “I have been young; and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread”. – Psalms 37:25


Praying Your Way Out
That scripture resonated within the depths of my soul that night and I prayed violently like I had never prayed before using the scripture saying:

Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm – Psalms 105:15

I knew I was called and anointed of God. I knew that what I carried on the inside was not being reflected in my outward circumstance. I resolved to leave the house I was staying in and pitch tent out in the frigid cold – Surely, if I perish, I perish. But God had other plans for me. He is a God who is in the business of answering prayers. He stepped in and introduced me to someone whom He would use to forever change my life.


The Turn Around
On the day I decided to strike out homeless, I met Kevitt Brown. He took me along with his family to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. As we rode, I observed his interaction with his family. It was something like I had never experienced before. It’s hard to explain with words. There and then I learned what a family should look like and envisioned my own family being like that. On that ride, I imagined what it would mean to escape the shame of not being able to provide for your family. I wanted to be this man’s friend. By being in his presence I felt that I too could be great. I had to be different. I had to be successful.

I poured myself into books, reading voraciously till 2:00am every morning. I applied myself immensely and within 6 months, was healed. I had my own place, I started traveling nationally and was in demand for my problem solving. My euphoria was bust when I found out that the man, my friend Kevitt, who had sparked the revolution, was stricken with Cancer. Kevitt would eventually die from this cancer but not until he had positively impacted the lives of those around him. God kept him for many years past  the deadline doctors gave him to live. He saw his daughters graduate University, get married and bring forth grand children. He was used to model healing to many like myself.


Now It’s Your Turn
I wrote and produced a song “You Are Healed”, a while back ago for the healing of Kevitt as well as for my financial healing. It worked. And now, with the family’s permission, I am releasing it to you as a gift, as a point of contact for your own healing. Be it physical or spiritual malady, financial problems, soured relationships, academic shortcomings… whatever it is, I pray healing for you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Believe. It’s your Father’s good pleasure to heal you. In fact He already healed you on the cross more than 2,000 years ago. I pray this letter and song helps raise your faith so your healing will be actualized.

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed – Isaiah 53:5

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Download “You Are Healed” Here




You are healed, you are healed, Sing praises to God

By Faith, you are healed, Magnify His Name

By His stripes you are healed, Go your way believing

You are healed by the King, Let His peace rest in you


Verse 1:

As I stood there that cold December day

Shivering, wondering and asking what to do next

10am in Indianapolis, expecting a big car to come here and get me

Then you pulled in humbly

Kevitt Brown, a pleasure to meet you sir

As we rode down to Louisville

I watched you intently as you spoke to your family

Observed you closely as you listened carefully

You turned on the dome light and drove so safely

So your wife could read, So Sarah could read

What I saw that day words can’t express

And what I learned that day was priceless

For the first time I saw, how a family should bond

I saw how hard you’ve had to work, to raise up such a godly flock

I envisioned exactly how my family should be like

Witnessed greatly what success truly means

You’re a survivor, you’re a great victor, you’re the son of the King

All I can say is…


Verse 2:

Kevitt through your glasses, I see cleverness

And in your silence, Wisdom sure screams loud

I remember when you asked my name, How proudly I said that name

How can I forget your intellect? that drove me to excel in class

I saw the respect your daughters had for you

Searched for a job, just to be more like you

How can I convince you that I am a good man, that I am a Christian?

Thank God for bringing you to my life, And thank God for using you to inspire

Through the thick and thin, though fears arise, remember God’s words

Dear Brother …



You are healed (x7)

You are healed now, believe now

By His stripes, by His grace you are healed now

So be strong now, look to Him now

He said He sent His word to heal and deliver now

You are healed now, redeemed now

As you believe, you receive, be it done now

Look and live now, feel His presence now

Go in peace, feel His peace reaching in now