Fallen leaves and dew overlaid the grass. The weather was not too hot nor cold. Just a perfect fall Sunday. My roommate John, mentioned he had been invited to Church. I asked him if I could come along. He agreed. Though a Christian, I hadn’t been to Church in the four weeks since I arrived Indianapolis. We attended Grace Evangelical Church that day. There I met good folks that I still liaise with today. This was many years ago. I often wondered if I would have known these fine people had it not been for that invite. I’m so glad my roommate forbade me not. He let me come.


Forbid Them Not

Reading through the Bible, you will notice certain people coming to Jesus and others trying to dissuade them, to send them away even, citing inconvenience. Time and time again, Jesus would tell the disciples to let the people come. It happened when little children were brought to Jesus. It happened again, when the multitude needed food to eat after walking miles to hear Jesus speak.  It happened when the lady with an ill reputation tried to anoint His feet. People would say, How could He do that? If He was sent of God, He should know that those men are tax collectors and sinners… or something like that. Each time, Jesus replied, forbid them not, let them come.


Those That God Has Brought to You

I may not know where you live but this I do know, that there is opportunity to do good for someone right where you are. I’m talking about the folks in your neighborhood. They are asking you for advice but subliminally seeking of you to preach the good news to them. Don’t forbid them, Let them come. They are intimidated by you and mask it with arrogance, when what they really want is for you to notice them. Don’t forbid them, let them come. They seek your sympathy outwardly but secretly crave your tough love. Don’t forbid them, let them come. While you rightly seek to affect the lives of those outside your shores, don’t neglect nor forbid those God has already brought to your doorstep today. Let them come.

And this is the Father’s will which hath sent me, that of all which he hath given me I should lose nothing , but should raise it up again at the last day. – John 6:39