I‘ve often caught myself channeling someone else when I am performing certain activities. For example, I sometimes channel David West, the basketball player, when I play soccer. David’s confidence on the basketball court inspires me to be confident even when I feel a bit unsure of how the game will pan out. When I speak,  I often catch myself channeling John Chambers, the Cisco CEO. John’s ability to connect on an individual level, even when speaking to large crowds inspires me to think in terms of my message getting across to just one person. There are many more examples like these, too many to mention. The question I ask myself when I want to perform a task at a high level is: “Who do I look up to”. The question I ask myself when I want to live right and make good decisions is: “Who looks up to me?”.

Who looks up to me?

Paul, in his letter to the Corinthians, implored them to follow him as he followed Christ. In other words, they were to look up to him. He was to mentor them spiritually. This of course comes with a responsibility, a burden if you will, but a good one at that. Good in the sense that it helps you live better, knowing that someone else is looking up to you. Many decisions that you will make, which are not necessarily wrong, but would cause others to stumble, will not be made. Do you want to live better? Do you want to make decisions that enrich your Christian walk? Then ask yourself the question: Who looks up to me? Identifying this person and loving this person will help you make smarter decisions and live so much better.

Who do I look up to?

Pause for a moment and ask yourself the question, “Who do I look up to?” It’s OK if you look up to several people at the same time but in answering this question, identify one person. Who you look up to helps form your ambition. Your ambition forms your drive, which in turn infuses you with daily energy. Have you been struggling with low energy lately? Ask, and seek to answer the question, “Who do I look up to?”. It is possible that you have been disconnected from your mentor far too long. A reconnection needs to be made so that ambition, drive and  energy returns to your life

Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ – 1 Corinthians 11:1