I‘ve been in many seeming hopeless situations in my life, moments when I could not hope any more, moments when it seemed my faith fell short – many. Yet I’ve seen God’s hand in these situations. I’ve seen Him come through time and time again. Once I could not get into the high school of my dreams but God righted that. Once, I couldn’t go to the college of my dreams, God righted that. Once I couldn’t graduate,  once I couldn’t feed my family – against all hope, God came in the nick of time to right my ship. Once I thought of giving up my faith, God fixed that.

Paul gave sound  advice to the centurion of the ship he was to sail in. He said they should not move out to sea yet as the ship will suffer damage. His advice was discarded and the ship set sail. As they sailed, a strong tempest hit the ship in so much that all hope that they would reach their destination was lost. To compound the issue, there was no Sun nor Stars for many days. I imagine the depression that reigned in this ship. It was in the midst of this tough situation that Paul, after abstaining for  a while, stood up and asked them to be of good cheer because God was going to right the ship. And He did.

It’s truly never over till it’s over. Till you hear the last whistle blow, till you draw in your last breath. You are still in it. God can still right your ship. Oh, the odds are against you because time is winding down. Your age is ticking up, your body is acting up. You can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you can’t press on the gas pedal fully, at least don’t hit the brake pedal. Leave the car running and rolling. God has not given up on you, why give up on yourself? You’ve seen Him come through over and over through the years. He will come through again. God can right your ship.