You may be able to relate with this situation, that when you are about to hit it big, someone/ something comes in and spoils the show. Its like a child walking in on his/ her parents in the midst of their passion. It’s like the unexpected car break down that just sapped the savings you were so desperately counting on. It’s like the phone call your prospect received just when you were about to close that big sale, which made him/ her postpone or cancel the transaction out rightly. Just when you were about to get ahead, something/ someone comes and sends you back to the starting line.


In Acts 13, at the onset of Paul’s ministry, when invitations where not as forthcoming, a ‘promoter’ named Sergius Paulus invited Paul and Barnabas  to come preach in his city. I imagine the anticipation Paul had for those who would hear the word and give their lives to Christ. You see, Paul was shifting from success to significance. He had had a wonderful career, but now he had a calling and boy, was he excited. But someone, Elymas the sorcerer, came along determined as an obstacle, to spoil it all. Paul could have waved the white flag and fled the city. But instead, he did something remarkable. He confronted the obstacle and turned it to a breakthrough. He pronounced blindness on Elymas and immediately, without even preaching a word, the promoter gave his life to Christ. Soon after, the whole city came out to hear the gospel and many were saved. What was meant to be an obstacle had turned out to be a breakthrough.


Obstacles can be turned into breakthroughs through divine confrontation. Every now and then, you ought to confront that obstacle, that devil that’s standing in your way, that is setting you back – in the name of Jesus Christ. Scriptures declare:

That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow , of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; – Philippians 2:10


By yourself, you will be defeated. But with the name of Jesus Christ, nothing and no one can stand in your way. Many times your breakthrough is veiled behind that obstacle that just came your way. Confront that obstacle today in the name of Jesus Christ, and turn it into a glorious breakthrough.