I tend to plan things out and run ideas through my mind for a very long time. I allow the idea “simmer”. I know where I am headed and what direction I am likely to take but I purposely hesitate during the decision making process. I try very hard to change my mind. I delay, hoping the decision will go away. Yet if the decision stays, if it is tied to my purpose in life. If it runs concurrent with the Bible. If it embodies and emboldens me, then I decide to take action. From the time the decision is made to the time the decision is executed, little lag time is tolerated. Speed, Stealth and Succinctness become the actions words. This formula has proven successful for me, over and over again.


Succinctness simply means cutting through the chase, getting to the point, being concise, doing the work in as little time as possible. Not one minute more than is required. Stealth in this instance means being very difficult to detect. It means only a select few, if any, team members are aware of the decision you are about to make. Others, especially competitors won’t see it coming. This vastly increases your odds for success. In the Bible Jesus was known to act decisively and quickly. He healed people on the spot, He preached on the spot, be it the synagogue, mountain top, or in a boat. He said, today, not tomorrow, is the day of salvation. In fact, when it was time for Him to be crucified, he wanted to get on with it in so much that he advised his betrayer, Judas:

…That thou doest , do quickly – John 13:27


Here are 3 reasons why you should execute with speed:

  1. Your execution will be hard to counter. It is very hard to counter speedy implementations. That is why a lot of thought and hard work should be done before you decide to execute. Once you implement with succinctness, speed and stealth – it is almost impossible to stop that which you have carefully planned.
  2. You are energized to do other things when your execution is complete: the euphoria you feel from accomplishing a task, the high you get from completing an action is indescribable. In fact, you get so high, its hard to come down. In this high, you can pick up other difficult tasks, that have eluded you thus far, and complete them with relative ease.
  3. Your odds for success are way higher: One of the things that kills success is procrastination. When you procrastinate, the odds of getting work done gets slimmer and slimmer by the day. And then life happens to you, and then it does not get done.

Take the time today to plan. Bounce your idea, left, right and center. But when it is time to implement, when its time to act, execute with speed, stealth and succinctness.