2008 was a breakthrough year for me. A prayer that propelled me in that season was: “Today is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it”. That prayer meant that today, not yesterday nor tomorrow. Today is the day the Lord has made. And since God has done His part, I have to do mine. The least I can do is to rejoice and be glad in it. It does not matter if I don’t have income or if I have unpaid bills due, I have to rejoice in today. It didn’t matter if I had not paid rent, or if my daughter was being held away from me, today is that day God has made.

“Today is the day of Salvation”, is preached regularly from numerous Sunday pulpits – and with good reason. Choose you this day whom ye shall serve” is another verse often preached. “This day” and “Today” appears over a hundred times in the Bible. In a tough moment, young David declared that today, not tomorrow, God will give Him the head of the boastful giant, Goliath. Jesus, told the transgressor on the cross that today, not tomorrow, he will be with Him in Paradise. Tomorrow is not promised but today is a gift. Choose to rejoice and be glad in it.

There is something inherently great about today. No other day is quite like today. Yes, we are forgetting the things that lay behind us. Yes, we are pressing towards the things that are before us. And Yes, Yes, Yes – we will be enjoying Jesus Christ today. We are living life at it’s fullness today. We are putting in our best effort today. We are negotiating our place in the world today. I know things may not be going the way you planned it to go, but that does not take anything from the fact that God made this day for your rejoicing. Irrespective of failings, rejoice today I say. Today is fabulous, today is glorious, why? Because today is the day that the Lord has made.

This is the day which the LORD hath made ; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalm 118:24