In the book of Acts, we read about an Ethiopian Eunuch who was reading the scriptures but was having a hard time understanding it.  He was not versed in the manner of study used by the pharisees or the Sadducees to decipher scripture. But he somehow believed that he could understand God’s word and so he put in the effort to read it. But Oh, what a mighty God we serve. That faith moved the Holy Spirit to send him Phillip, who was to help Him understand. Philip helped expound the scriptures to the Eunuch, who in turn understood and took immediate action.

The Bible is not just for the learned or the educated, it is not more easily understood by those in seminary nor is the Archbishop entitled to a better understanding of it. The Bible is for you and it’s for me. It can be understood by all and sundry, as many as God chooses to reveal Himself to. In fact, God has shown a striking pattern in His word that it is to babes and as such, that He reveals himself to. To the meek, to the Humble, to those with faith, He reveals Himself. The more you try to utilize your education to figure the Bible out, the farther away from truth you get. Just read your name into it and punctuate with an Amen.

There is no rocket science to understanding the word of God. Just read your name into it. When the Bible says: “He was bruised for my iniquity”, read your name into it. ‘He was bruised for Uche’s iniquity. When the Bible says that “…by His stripes you are healed”, again read your name into it. “By His stripes, Uche is Healed” (Substitute my name for yours). That’s the way to understand the Bible. It’s not by scholarly concordances or the vast study of theology – though those help. It’s with childlike faith in the one who loves and called you. It’s in reading your name into it.

At that time Jesus answered and said , I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes. – Matthew 11:25