Solomon, considered the wisest man to ever live was given the gift of wisdom, by God, in response to a choice Solomon made. God asked Solomon to choose a blessing, and Solomon chose wisdom. He didn’t choose shadows like health, wealth or fame but instead he chose the real thing – wisdom. The Bible says Wisdom is the principle thing and in all your getting, get wisdom. I believe Solomon got this revelation and chose wisdom. God was so pleased that with Solomon’s choice that He gave him the real thing (wisdom) along with the shadows (long life, fame and riches).

The same God that blessed Solomon for choosing the principal thing tells us today that there is still a principal thing to choose, to seek. He asked us to seek first His Kingdom and its righteousness and that all other things (shadows) will be added. In my life, I noticed that things fall in place, not because of my dexterity or superior mind but simply because I choose God first.

Stop chasing wealth. Stop chasing health. Stop your pursuit of happiness. Stop chasing accomplishment. Stop trying to fit it. Simply put, stop chasing shadows. These things you’ve been chasing day in and day out are merely shadows. Wouldn’t it be better to chase after and attain the real thing? If you attain the object, you also attain it’s shadow as well. God is the object of our worship. Seek after God, chase after righteousness. Pursue godliness and a great relationship with God. When you chase after God, He gives you everything you need for life and for godliness. Did you get that? He gives you everything you need for life. Do you need a car to do life, He provides that. Do you need shelter to live? He provides that. Do you need food and water, He will never seize to provide. If you need it, He’s got it.  Stop chasing things that ought to chase after you.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. – Matthew 6:33