I grew up knowing that I was to be an Evangelist. That in some way, I was born to serve the Lord. But somewhere along the line, I decided to become this massive business guru who would export large amounts of Industrial enzymes from Los Angeles to the rest of the world – and make tons of money doing it.

I would become this magnate, impresario, entrepreneur and philanthropist who would also import to the western world, hand crafted shoes from Nigeria. This will help create much needed jobs for the country, as well as provide value for the West. I struck out to accomplish this dream, moving to the West coast. Accompanying me were credit cards awash with seemingly unlimited credit. 3 months later I found myself homeless, sleeping in a Wal-mart parking lot – in my car. I had reached the end of my rope, and it was there I cried out. “Lord, I’m tired of doing things my own way. Lord, what will you have me do?

Saul, a brilliant young scholar, had been pursuing his own will, adhering to his own moral compass. A learned, cultured and sophisticated man, Paul did what was right according to his lofty education. Consenting to the death of Stephen the first Christian martyr, Saul was just getting started in his quest to rid the earth of the “heretics”, the Jesus followers who had infested the country with their putrid  message, “Believe in Jesus Christ and be saved”. A bright light from Jesus Christ shone on Saul on his way to Damascus and there he reached the end of his rope. Without any ado, he exclaimed:

…Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? – Acts 9:6

The fact that Saul, a distinguished scholar, said “Lord” in his first statement, meant he knew it was Jesus Christ.  He recognized that light as the pillar of fire that guided his ancestors, the children of Israel from Egypt to the promise land. He should know for it was a fact of history in which he was well versed. All his learning converged into that one moment of truth, that Jesus is Lord. And that he must do, not what he wants, but what the Lord will have him do.

It’s a prayer you should say everyday “Lord what will you have me do today?” This prayer is about surrendering to a Lordship who is on your side, who has your best interest at heart, and who knows you better that you will ever know yourself. You will do very well as the creation, to humbly ask your creator,  “Lord, What will you have me do?”