About 16 children were sponsored during Night of Compassion ’13. These are children who would have regular meals, safe housing, schooling and a chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, because people on the South Side of Indianapolis responded to the call to show compassion. Moreso, we were ministered to in music, by Nathan Tasker and Teeklef. Both brought their musical talents to glorify God and edify the congregation.

We are so grateful to God for what He did on this fateful night. The world came to Indianapolis, but Indianapolis also reached out to the world. With its renowned Hoosier hospitality, Indianapolis hosted this event with class and generosity, releasing children from poverty in Jesus name. Most of all, God was glorified in it all. If you missed Night of Compassion ’13; make plans to attend Night of Compassion ’14. Subscribe below to be the first to know as details emerge.

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Below is a little snippet of the musical delicacy we were treated to. Be blessed

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