When I first started reading the word of God in earnest years ago – in conjunction with Christian books, I noticed I was full of inspiration. I thought this inspiration would last me a lifetime. Boy was I wrong. I noticed how I made uncharacteristic mistakes, wrong decisions, some days I was irate and sinned grossly. This was confusing to me, had I not loaded up on inspiration, enough to last me a lifetime, or enough to last me for the next 3 years? God was teaching me why inspiration is not permanent. It must be renewed daily. You can’t depend on yesterday’s inspiration to carry you through today any more than yesterday’s shower can carry you today or tomorrow. Everyday I ought to bath, everyday I had to renew my inspiration.

Fresh Manna For Today Only

While in the Wilderness, God fed the Children of Israel with Manna from heaven. They were instructed not to store nor hoard the manna, but to eat that which was sufficient for the day. Every day fresh manna from heaven arrived on time and without fail.  The manna of yesterday expired and became stale at the dawn of a new day. This is a type for inspiration. It cannot be hoarded and does go stale. It must be collected daily. People think that once you are inspired, that that should be it. The inspiration should carry you for the rest of your life. No. Other’s shy away from Inspiration. They think it is not consistent. That it washes away quickly.  So does the deodorant you applied yesterday.

Yesterday’s Inspiration Won’t Serve You Today

God used Elijah to perform a great miracle. In front of Baal prophet’s, Elijah commanded fire from heaven to consume an animal offering drenched in water. He proceeded to kill the prophets of Baal. Jezebel heard of this and threatened to kill the man of God. Elijah ran for his life afraid. He sat under a tree and asked God ta take His life. Think about that for a moment. The man who just performed a great feat yesterday is afraid of a woman today. God delivered Elijah but it goes to say that yesterday’s inspiration would not last him for the new day. He needed fresh inspiration, which God did provide.  You need fresh inspiration every day. It’s non stop. It’s never ending – until Jesus Christ returns.

Give us this day our daily bread – Matthew 6:11