History is littered with men and women who accomplished mighty feats because someone believed in them. Things that seemed impossible for man to achieve 2 decades ago, have mostly been realized today, many times because someone believed in someone else. Perhaps a parent believed in a child or a teacher believed in her student. A family once believed in me and that made the difference in turning my under performance to dominance.

In John 14, Jesus believed in 70 men who went on to do the seemingly impossible. They healed sick people, preached the gospel to strangers, and put devils on the run. That same Jesus Christ believes in you today. He says of you:

…He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and GREATER works than these shall he do ; because I go unto my Father – John 14:12

There is GREATER in you than you realize there is. There is more capacity in you than you can imagine. In fact, your capacity for suffering is directly proportional to your being greater. I know sometimes, it appears as though you have reached your breaking point, as though you have reached your limit, as though you are simply gasping for air that will run out at any minute – but there is so much more in you. You can take that hit and still thrive. You can take the bad news and still smile. You can do the impossible. You can push through the limits. You, yes you, can break records. You can be so much more. You can serve more. You can give to a greater extent.  If you believe in Christ, You can do greater. You can be greater.