If you’ve been following my story, you will know by now that God called me to preach the gospel around the world at a young age. My question then was, how was I going to preach to the world having never traveled out of my native Country? I got an admission into the University of Indianapolis and so this to me was proof that I was indeed called to preach but wait, not that fast. I was refused a visa on my first try. Laying depressed on my bed one Sunday after skipping Church, a close friend Stanley visited me and introduced me to a new concept called: “What is God doing now?” Stanley said:

God will not allow you travel to the United States until you are ready


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If you missed part 1 of What is God doing now, find it here. It's a quick read.

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Stanley Was Right

In retrospect, Stanley was right. I was not ready for prime time. Watching the fire of God doused in the lives of my peers who were once burning hot for the Lord in their home countries, confirm Stanley was right. Some have even renounced God altogether, exchanging their heavenly birth right for American Porridge.  I too could have been one of them, had I not been denied that first visa. In the midst of the disappointment, God was working. He was wanting me to develop an unshakeable bond with Him before I could travel abroad. I am so glad God was up to something when He allowed my visa to be denied.


Have You Asked This Question Recently?

Lately, have you paused briefly and asked the question, “Lord, What are you doing now”? Again, man is always looking at what God has done and what He will do, but missing, what He is doing NOW. Are you in the midst of calamity? Have you been rejected, lost a job or a loved one? Is your marriage on the brink or is your education faltering? Ask God the question, “What are you doing, Lord”. Many times, that still small voice will whisper back. “Be still and know that I am God”. In part 3, I will tell a heart wrenching story of how this question “What is God Doing Now?” helped me overcome another big obstacle. Stay tuned …

 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. – Romans 8:28