One of my first jobs was working for an Indian expatriate. Ameet, taught me about setting up my own business and charging for my services. I was a website developer at the time. He taught me to never have a uniform price, but to size up the client according to their wallet. What a mom-and-pop shop should pay for a website should differ widely from what a bank should pay. I implemented this advice and it worked. My clients were happy and I earned much. This advice I received is an example of  “The low hanging fruit”. Ameet also had a private home where he hosted clients. I watched and was inspired. Today, I have a home similar to Ameet’s. My attainment of Ameet’s lifestyle is what I term the “high hanging fruit”. It took a while to achieve it.

Jesus Christ promised His disciples that the Holy Spirit will come after He was resurrected and infuse them with power (high hanging fruit), but in the  meantime, they were to tarry (low hanging fruit). The low hanging fruit is that which we can reach and immediately act upon. The high hanging fruit, on the other hand takes a while to accomplish. Many times, there are several preliminary pieces that need to come together before it can be achieved.

The high hanging fruit is awe-inspiring and applaud worthy. It is lofty, charming and long term. The low hanging fruit on the other hand is practical, near term, and attainable. Both are important and complimentary. When you delivers God’s word, strive to have a mix of both. While you speak of life in Heaven, also Speak of life here on earth. When you speak of perfection, also speak of failure. When you speak of Justice, also, in the same breath, speak of forgiveness.  When you chastise with the left hand, don’t forget to affirm with the right hand.

And, behold , I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high – Luke 24:49