One thing the Country of Nigeria has to it’s advantage is it’s respect culture. A respect for elders still runs rampant. Those who have accomplished worthwhile feats are not necessarily loved nor admired, but are respected. The spiritual leaders are also respected insomuch that people call them ‘Daddy’. They are not compelled to, but out of respect, they do. The pastor’s are trend setters and usually settle disputes. Their words are highly regarded. Who would you prefer to lead culture, pastors or celebrities? A lady recently expressed  her disgust for this culture. I advised that there was more good to this than bad. A Squabble was being stirred up but the Holy Spirit flooded my soul with the important words I am about to express below:

Strive not with people, instead strive for mastery. Don’t get entangled in the back and forth, in who is leading this and who is not. Instead apply yourself to your studies. Be patient with all men, including those that try to brand themselves as your enemies. Continue to instruct per adventure some of them will come around to the truth. This does not always happen. In fact, mostly,  your best advice will be spurned, made fun of, or discredited in the public. Advice anyway.