A young lady fell into the pool mistankenly and there was a reason for everyone to panic. But the young lady stopped struggling, regained her poise and started kicking her legs. As she did, she moved steadily to the side of the pool and then proceeded to come out on her own. People were relieved to know she remembered her training and used it. That inspired every other child within the vicinity to get in the pool too. Especially those that were reluctant earlier, afraid even. They all ended up having a very good time because someone got in first—and survived.


This Survival

Joseph’s family got to eat the ‘fat of the land’ because Joseph, though he fell into a pit, survived. He came out with a developed and indestructible confidence. An all-engulfing confidence that enabled him to steer the known world to survival during the great famine. Because Ruth survived the demise of her husband, Kilion, many were born of the lineage of Jesus. Because David survived the stigma of being a shepherd boy when his mates were called up as ranking soldiers, many got to enjoy a bevy of Israeli war victories. A dynasty still talked about ad infinitum.


Their upliftment will depend on your survival

Have you been thrown in the deep end, left to die by someone you trusted? Has life thrown its worst at you and left you in the deep end of suffering? Has a door which you’ve been working hard for shut permanently—in your face? Here’s what the Lord says: “It is all working, not just for your good, but for the good of many others too. Survive, so many can thrive. Don’t succumb to freneticism. Remember to use your Christian training of being gracious, meek and resilient. Because you survive your crisis, many will come to see, know and enjoy Christ.”

But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive – Genesis 50:20