Re.joice: to be glad; take delight –

In the past, my mood suddenly changed from good to bad just because of something someone said. Say for example, someone is very rude in their approach to me, I noticed that I suddenly became sad. That one act of rudeness could ruin my entire day. The same thing happened when I noticed someone did not take my advice, or if someone makes a decision that is way ward. Overtime, I learned to be more patient with people. Not everyone knows what I know. I don’t know all they know either. I don’t know their upbringing or family life, which may have triggered their reaction. I learned to apply more patience in my walk with people and to rejoice irrespective of.

The Apostle Paul exhorting the Thessalonians, asked them to rejoice always for it is the will of God. He says not to render evil for evil but to always seek to do right, to believers and non-believers. He also mentioned to give thanks in everything. So I am thankful for the opportunity to write the blog. I am thankful for the opportunity to connect with you and have you read these words the Lord gave me. I am thankful and rejoicing for the phase of life I am in now, for what God has done in the past, and for what He will do in the future. How about you? Rejoice ALL THE TIME

In good times, and in bad times, you are to give thanks and rejoice. This is the will of God for your life. There is no need trying to figure out if God expects you to be happy or sad – just rejoice. Don’t allow anything or anyone steal your joy. In good times, rejoice. In bad times, rejoice. When you get a job, rejoice, when you lose a job, rejoice. When you find a soul mate, rejoice, when you’ve just been rejected, rejoice. When you feel God close, rejoice, when you don’t feel Him at all, rejoice. In all things give thanks. You may ask, Isn’t this naive? Perhaps it is, perhaps its not, but one thing is sure – it is God’s will. God’s foolishness is way higher than your wisest thought. Rejoicing helps you put the right perspective on things, that there are bigger things than the issue you are currently facing. There is eternity to be had or missed. Rejoice for your heavenly Father cares for you.

Rejoice evermore – 1 Thessalonians 5:16