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We went to the great state of Haryana, India, for the first time, this month. We did not know what to expect – would people even show up? But God came through in a big way. 1 by 1 they came, in groups and in droves, hungry for the word of God, and His power. More than 13,000 people showed up. The gospel went out with clarity and power. On the farming grounds that we converted to a crusade ground, over 3,000 people put their faith in Jesus Christ for the very first time. God is great. Moreso:

  • A deaf child could hear for the first time
  • Ladies with severe body aches were instantly cured and felt no more pain.
  • Many were delivered from tormenting evil spirits.
  • And many more miracles, innumerable to recount here.

My wife joined me this time around, and we are both rejoicing, returning with the precious fruit of ministry. Please join us in praising God for doing in Haryana, what only He can do. And please pray that the fruit will remain, multiplying even. Join us in praying also, that every Hamlet, tongue, tribe, and village will get an opportunity to receive this precious gospel message, that we have so freely been given. I pray for you, that the Lord Honors you, as you work to serve Him in your individual way.


If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour. ” – John 12:26 


You can find some pictures of the crusade using this Facebook link, and feel free to leave your comments. 



Thank God, my child came here to this meeting hearing nothing. When we all prayed, all of a sudden, she could hear the prayers. She is hearing now. Praise God. – Parent at the Haryana Crusade


Feel free to watch the video here and let me know how I can pray for you. Jesus Christ loves you and so do I. Until next time. 

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