While in Tamil Nadu, India, I heard the touching story of Pastor Thilak who seemingly had it all. He had a large and thriving congregation in Bangalore. He had a house, and a comfortable and loving family. However, he found truth and discovered that some of what he taught in the past was not sound doctrine. He corrected his doctrine, but it appeared all hell was let loose over this just act. His denominational heads threatened to kick him out, and they followed through with their threat. In addition to kicking him out, they advised his wife to stick with the denomination, instead of with her husband. He detailed, with tears in his eyes, how his wife left and how he went from having it all to having nothing in the space of a few months. He had to leave Bangalore and start all over again in a new city called Kalkulam. Though Pastor Thilak felt severely the sting of rejection, he was not afraid of it.


A Blind Man’s Dilemma With Speaking Truth

A man born blind had been healed by Jesus. He preached the right doctrine in the synagogue, but got kicked out for it anyway. The prevailing doctrine, at the time, was that he was blind as a result of his parent’s sin. But Jesus healed him and corrected that false doctrine. The truth was that he was born blind so God could be glorified, not because of his parent’s sin and because all things work together for good to those that love God and are called to His purpose. The formerly blind man preached to them that God does not answer the prayers of sinners, and so the person that healed Him  must be from God. That was a non-starter, the “Pastors” wouldn’t have it. They kicked him out. The good news here is that when they kicked him out, Jesus found him. Glory hallelujah. Jesus did not find him while he was in the Synagogue, but when he was rejected and kicked out.



Go Ahead, Kick Me Out

Let them kick you out, Jesus will find you. Fear not rejection, especially when you stand for God’s truth. In the Old testament, the remnants of the animal fat used to offer sacrifice was taken out of the city. That’s why Jesus, when rejected, was taken out of the city, to Golgotha, to be crucified. You must meet him there, outside the city gates, in rejection. Have you been rejected lately? Perhaps a boy you had hoped would be your husband shunned you suddenly, because you are not “cool” enough? When your peers or family reject you for following Jesus, rejoice. For when they kick you out, there Jesus will find you. I declare, in prayer, that this will be the day you stop fearing rejection and start living out your faith boldly. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

What ultimately happened to Pastor Thilak? Well, his joy knows no bounds today as he teaches the truth and is leading many people into heaven.

Wherefore Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered without the gate. Let us go forth therefore unto Him without the camp, bearing His reproach – Hebrew 13:14