My biggest achievements in life have had nothing to do with my mind’s machinations. They have inexplicably been a God thing. Like how I got into ministry in the first place, how I settled in Indianapolis of all places, my family, etc. I have simply been led by God. I can take no credit. It brings better understanding to the scripture where Jesus was led into the wilderness and defeated the enemy with “It is written.” It’s how Ezekiel was led to the middle of the valley full of bones. It’s how Phillip was led to the Ethiopian Eunuch spurring the salvation of the African continent.


Simeon is Led By The Spirit

Simeon was devout and had the Holy Spirit. This was in an era when the Holy Spirit had not yet come to rest on earth but was simply a visitor. This Spirit he harbored revealed to him that he would not die until he had seen the anointed one. This same Spirit even led Simeon to the temple in Jerusalem to see Jesus live and direct. When he set his eyes on the bundle of joy that was Jesus, I imagine he cried profusely and said, “God this is it, let me die now, because I have just experienced my apogee. I did nothing to deserve this experience, I just followed the leading of your Spirit.”


God Things

There are times in life when you experience things that put you on cloud nine. Things you did not work for or perhaps even expected that you could achieve/experience. When words fail to express your elation, and tears resign themselves in defeat because they can do no justice to what you have just experienced. Those moments when you high five your spouse before you retire for the day. Those experiences are God things. He allows you to experience them so you can tell with all sincerity that you had nothing to do with these, and God takes all the glory. In these moments, you know simply that you were simply led by the Spirit.

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God – Romans 8:14