Knowledge is power. I can’t remember the first time I heard this phrase, but as much as I know, it is generally accepted, and rightly so. As a kindergartner, I noticed that I got more respect, more freedom and more accolades by knowing things that my friend Nnamdi did not know. By acing my exams, I noticed that mom went out of her way to make me happy when she got my report card. I looked forward to the end of the school term because of the respect and goodwill I got from my neighborhood. My neighbors always had nice things to say about me and will sometimes buy me fancy things. Of course I knew it was my excellent grades that opened these doors. I realized at an early age that knowledge opens doors, knowledge excites and knowledge is contagious to the  entire community.

Job suffered much after he had lost everything. But he had knowledge. This one thing Job knew, and he knew all too well. That his redeemer is alive and that there is a resurrection (Job 19:25). This knowledge helped him shun the temporary afflictions that he faced,  triumphing instead of perishing. Scripture reveal that it is practical to perish for a lack of knowledge. There is a saying that what  you don’t know won’t hurt you but let me add that what you don’t know will actually hinder you. It will stop you from forging ahead, from thriving and yes, from being all that God has called you to be – including being a great husband, wife, boss, employee, friend …you name it.

Your potential for impact lies is that which you know, and others do not. That is why knowledge workers do better financially. That is why countries with know-how wield a big influence over those that do not. It is God’s pleasure to reveal His knowledge to you that you may revel in it and display it every where. He reveals what He knows from before time began – to you. He gives you the inspiration, the elation, the joy, the high due to revelation. There is much more where that came from. He trust you with this knowledge because you are in him, and as such, possess the wisdom to handle knowledge. That you may influence, infect and impact your community with His knowledge.

… and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place – 2 Corinthians 2:14