Peter was growing for in a few days, he was to become the leader of the disciples. Jesus, his master, was about to through a painful crucifixion. His colleagues, the disciples, had dispersed. In a moment, it seemed as though all Peter had worked for over the past 3 years were going up in smoke right before his eyes. But he was growing and he knew it not. In the heat of the moment, in the confusion of not knowing his timing, Peter denied his  master 3 times. The good news about this story is that Peter repented and got on track. Growing is never easy, but as Christians, we must continue to grow – especially spiritually. For in growing, we please our master.

There is a saying that when it rains it pours. That saying is especially true for growth. You don’t necessary grow one inch at a time. Many times, you grow from 2 inches to 35 inches  in 24 hours. It hurts when you grow that fast just as it sometimes hurts when you grow new teeth. Growing strains just as it strains your budget when you add a new baby to the family. Growth has been known to crush many an individual and company. Like birthing, growing is a mess, it’s a strain. Growing means new routines and new schedules. Growing is about letting  go of the old things and embracing the new. Growing is stretching to the limit, to a point where you think you will break at any moment. Yet remember that greatness is achieved on the brink of destruction. That despite all the hits, you are still standing.

Growth is painful. Growth is inconvenient. Growth is leaving your comfort zone. In seasons of growth, try not to complain and work on not breaking down or self destructing. As much as lies in you, do not lose your composure and speak angrily to people. Take it in stride. This too shall pass. When the growth has normalized you will find that while others lost their heads, you kept yours. Many times, you will be the only one left standing. Give glory to God during seasons of growth and seasons of normalcy. Growth, in its stressfulness, is a good thing. When you are growing, keep your composure and do not mess it up.